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but they also contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions due to less aggregate/ fill processing, transportation, and handling. Optimizing Pavement Struc- tures Over Weak Subgrades Us- ing GEOWEB® Geocells When faced with weak subgrade conditions, the GEOWEB® Soil Stabilization System is ideal for project owners who may be in- terested in conducting a value engineering evaluation of project options. For example, the figure below provides a direct compari- son of four structurally equivalent unpaved road designs over a sub- grade with a CBR of 1 percent.

As shown in the above example, the unreinforced aggregate option would require more than 36 inches of aggregate to achieve minimal stability , and the planar geosynthetic option (geogrid + geotextile) would require more than 20 inches of aggregate. In contrast, GEOWEB® geocells reduce the total section thickness to only 12 inches; where suit- able on-site material (OSM) is available, it is possible to limit imported aggregate to just the wearing course. Value-Engineered Pavement Solutions for Better Performance GEOWEB geocells can be added to port and intermodal projects to provide a value-engineered option to project owners for both paved and unpaved areas. This solution not only reduces upfront construction costs but also provides long-term savings and fewer interruptions to facility operations. For paved surfaces including asphalt, reinforced con- crete, and roller-compacted concrete, the GEOWEB system decreases pressure on the subgrade to reduce differential and long-term settlement which will extend pavement life and reduce maintenance. The selection of the GEOWEB pavement solution is influenced by loading, subgrade soils, traffic frequency, and infill type. The engineering team at Presto Geosystems works closely with engineers and project planners, offering free

project evaluation ser- vices and on-site installa- tion support. Our recom- mendations will deliver a technically sound, cost- effective solution based on over four decades of accredited research and testing data. Please contact our knowledge- able staff and network of qualified distributors and representatives to discuss your project needs today.


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