C+S May 2022 Vol. 8 Issue 5 (web)

Results Due to the collaborative effort made by both teams during an iterative development, Live Parts was extended to a complex SaaS/PaaS solu - tion. The resulting application is an industry-leading simulation software extension that fully meets users’ needs and requirements. It is used by innovative companies in various industries, from medicine, manufactur- ing, tooling, automotive, consumer electronics to oil and gas. According to Design World®, a leading publication in the design engineering space, Live Parts was highly appreciated by the judg - ing panel of LEAP Awards 2019 and became a gold winner in the Software nomination. The efforts of the AMC Bridge development team were recognized by the client. In his feedback on working with the team, Andy Roberts, Technical Fellow at Desktop Metal, emphasized: ‘Continue to have a great experience working with the team. Highly communicative and appreciate the partnership.’ All third-party trademarks belong to their respective owners. For more details, please refer to the Third-Party Trademarks page.

• Implementation of user subscriptions to different billing plans. • Maintenance and further enhancements of the application. The team worked in close collaboration with Desktop Metal to advance the technology and overcome the following key challenges: • Adapting Live Parts to SOLIDWORKS entities and environment. • Improving face strain calculation using NVIDIA CUDA to en - sure better performance. • Various user experience improvements. • Changing mesh generalization. • Integrating the finite element library for accurate model adjust - ment during the simulation process. • Adding the versioning mechanism for input data to avoid con - flicts between the new functionality and the previous data formats. • Integrating the licensing library to make a standalone application. Focused on progress at every project milestone, the team regularly provided deliverables of the developed functionality during weekly reports and meetings. Upon completion of functional and regression testing, the ready-to-use technology was delivered to Desktop Metal.

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