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HaywardTyler Group Plc

Hayward Tyler’s Luton facility has undergone a £15m investment to create a Centre of Excellence for specialist motor manufacture

Haywardtyler, one of the uk’s oldest engineering companies, is delighted to have wonthe Queen’s award for Enterprise in international trade. Over the past 200 years Hayward Tyler has built up an enviable reputation for the quality and reliability of its products. Back in 1908 Hayward Tyler developed the first submersible electric motor which was used in marine salvage applications. In the late 1940’s Hayward Tyler developed the idea of a glandless pump which was then used in both the conventional and nuclear power markets. Hayward Tyler is now the worldwide market leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of boiler circulating pumps (BCPs) with over 2,300 units supplied globally out of a total population of circa 3,500 units, representing a two-thirds market share. A BCP is a performance-critical piece of capital equipment which can weigh up to 20 tonnes, be over six metres in length and hangs under the boiler in a conventional large power station (ie 300MW and above). The units

and submersible motor range into the specialty chemical and oil and gas sectors. Built to the most demanding industry standards these units have been supplied to countries across the globe from Argentina to Zimbabwe. With nearly 90% of its revenues being derived from exports Hayward Tyler is a fantastic example of a UK based business whose success is built on its global outlook and ability to work in global markets. Hayward Tyler is focused on solutions for the most demanding requirements to meet current and future global energy needs and is currently working on the next generation of ‘green’ tidal generators and mobile flood defence pumping stations as two examples. With the recent acquisition of Peter Brotherhood (, another venerable British engineering brand and market leader in the design and manufacture of steam turbines, turbo gen-sets and reciprocating compressors the opportunities for the wider Hayward Tyler Group continuing to deliver performance-critical

At the heart of the BCP is a ‘wet-wound’ motor which eliminates the need for

mechanical seals (as the motor is filled with liquid) which are used in conventional motor/pump set ups thus improving reliability

significantly. Hayward Tyler’s BCPs have a design life equal to that of the power station in which they are installed, often 40+ years. So reliability is at the heart of Hayward Tyler’s offering and it is this promise which is one of the reasons why customers keep returning to Hayward Tyler. In the nuclear sector a European customer recently requested a system upgrade to a pump which had been operating without any downtime for over 350,000 hours, the equivalent of 40 years of continuous service! Hayward Tyler has also successfully developed its dry stator motor range


are either in continual use circulating water round the boiler or on start up where they help increase the efficiency of thermal fired power stations. Hayward Tyler is at the forefront supercritical power stations which for every 1% increase in efficiency reduces CO₂ emissions by 2-3%, representing a massive saving over the life of a power station. In China alone it is of developing the next generation of BCPs for supercritical and ultra- estimated that Hayward Tyler performance-critical equipment is operating in power stations which generate electricity for over 200 million people.

( are enormous. With a dedicated team of over 500 people and a vision built around “Energy in motion”winning The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade marks the start of a new chapter in the history of this great business. HAYWARDTYLER GROUP PLC 1 Kimpton Road, Luton, LU1 3LD

Tel: +44 (0)1582 731144

A graduate designing a submersiblemotor

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