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iCandyWorld Ltd icandyWorld are delighted to be honoured in this year’s Queens awards for Enterprise in international trade, the same year in which her majesty the Queen celebrates her 90th birthday. Established in 1933, icandy has evolved into one of the leading luxury nursery brands, and has become known for their exceptional british craftsmanship. the Queen’s award helps underline icandy’s status as a leading producer of british goods both at home and abroad. in fact, over the last twelve months, an icandy product has been sold every 12 seconds. Since 1933, iCandy’s precision manufacturing journey has led them to crafting the definitive luxury pushchair, creating the world’s first single to double travel system with a single footprint. iCandy’s team of British designers work tirelessly to create products which exude style, but not at the expense of functionality. iCandy is now a fourth generation family business that has taken an everyday product, the pushchair; and through innovation and brand development, created a high-end, luxury fashion product. Whilst all manufacturing is now overseas, all intellectual property of the design is retained in the UK, together with all engineering, and direction. Overall growth has increased UK job numbers from 36 to 64 to date with a further 25 iCandy jobs in the Far East. The business is built on a three-fold strategy of creating unique and world leading products, generating desire and building a distribution network that reflects the luxury premium nature of the product. The pro-active export strategy is bolstered with frequent visits to all 33 active international markets and many of the 882 locations where iCandy products are featured worldwide.

The iCandy team at their Bedfordshire HQ

“This is the achievement of our quite extraordinary team at iCandy, both here in the UK and within our iCandy China operation,” said iCandy Joint CEO Bradley Appel. “Since our establishment in London 83 years ago we have employed thousands of staff. Today some of our current iCandy Team have been with us as long as almost 40 years and a few have only started with us just this year. They are all individually the most talented and dedicated teamwho are all truly industry experts and leaders in their various roles. My brother Warren and I could not be more proud of everything they achieve and know that without them it would not have been possible to achieve over 30 patents worldwide and 8 design registrations to date that truly separate iCandy from the rest of the field. We are immensely proud that iCandy’s creation of the world’s first single-footprint double pushchair took Britain by storm and that our British design and innovation has been recognised in the 33 countries that iCandy is currently sold – through almost 900 stockists to date. We are confident that the endorsement of The Queen’s Award can only assist iCandy’s commitment and will give our worldwide customers even more confidence in building long term relationships based on trust and respect.” ICANDYWORLD LTD Montgomeryway, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 8UB Tel: +44 (0)1767 604400


Joint CEOs Bradley and Warren A


To be deemed worthy of recommendation for a Queen’s Award by the Prime Minister, and then graciously approved by Her Majesty the Queen is a great honour for a proud British company. The Queen’s Award helps cement iCandy’s status as a leading British brand both at home and around the world.

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iCandy: world leading and unique products

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