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Matrix’s airline client merchandise

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Matrix’s retail client merchandise

matrix, a global product design and procurement specialist, has won the queen’s award for enterprise for its first-class work around Sustainable development. The accolade pays tribute to Matrix’s commitment to making businesses more

physical award: a crystal rose bowl and scroll. Charlie Bradshaw, Matrix’s founder and CEO, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to win The Queen’s Award; it truly is testament to the team’s hard work. I

strongly believe in the philosophy ‘You get what you give’ and have worked hard to embed these values deep within our organisation over the last 20 years. Our social and ethical approach is built around a solid commercial framework, so that it not only hugely benefits the people that really make our

socially responsible. As part of this, the company works with its clients to source high-quality products made ethically and, most importantly, at the expense of no-one. Matrix’s mission is to tackle challenging labour rights issues and falsification of audits in the supply chain.


Matrix’s beauty client merchandise

Competing against a host of other businesses, the company was required to show a sustained increase in its earnings over three consecutive 12-month periods, to a level which is outstanding for the products and services concerned, and for the size of the organisation. The best submissions were then selected for The Queen’s Award by the Prime Minister and conferred by The Queen. The awards ceremony took place in July 2016 at an exclusive reception held in Buckingham Palace. In addition, the Matrix team was subsequently visited by a royal representative to present the

company special, including the ‘often forgotten’ in our supply chain, but also delivers a significant positive impact to our business stakeholders. We are extremely proud to win this award, and on behalf of the whole Matrix team would also like to wish Her Majesty The Queen a very happy 90th birthday.”

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