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AWARD HOLDERS 2012 - 2015

Paragon Inks (Holdings) Ltd paragon inks (holdings) Ltd, a Livingston based, privately owned manufacturer of uv inks and coatings for the web packaging and product-decoration markets, has seen the benefit of strategic development within its home and international market. utilising the business based philosophies of partnership, innovation and integrity complimented by the core commitment to continuous improvement and service, it has been able to grow and

diversify its market and brand, cementing long- term relationships with the whole supply chain. Paragon Inks continue to supply their home and international markets with quality UV products for the web printing market, following a strategic development plan that was initiated in 2013, with redefined focus in 2015 has allowed for the reactionary requirements of the industry, balanced with a proactive awareness and innovation commitment that has continued the global brand development. The one-site manufacturing site, continues to produce over 60% of its UV inks and coatings for the world’s unsupported web-printing market. Paragon Inks’ twin focus on UV products and web printing application knowledge has never been more important than in today’s market, especially concentrating on the food packaging market that is centered around regulations,

legislations and directives. Strong working affiliations with official EU bodies who create the legislations, regulations and directives has not only created a voice for Paragon Inks and its customer supply chain, but strengthens the Paragon Inks brand and affirms the partnership and integrity philosophies. The development of the primary customer service portfolios offering a complete solutions package, centered on innovation project work, Paragon’s modular training courses, ink and waste minimisation programs, ink department optimisation modules and staff development sessions, have been

global market including Africa, Czech Republic and Israel, focusing on savings, optimisation and future requirements for customers unsupported packaging needs. Its strong affiliation with Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Development International has led to continued funding support on strategic international market developments. Commenting on Paragon’s progress, Chairman Mr Gerry Merten still stands by his comments from 2015: “Paragon’s business strategy for the last six years has placed an emphasis on


adopted by key customer’s customers, being converters, retailers and brand owners. This advancement highlights the change in up and down stream supply chain “team”working and the potential business and brand development possibilities. In 2014 Paragon’s focus was on innovation within their market place, allowing the growing team of 43 people to continue and enhance their commitment to the global web printing industry. This commitment has been carried through 2015 and into 2016, seeing an increase of staff to 45 with strategic growth in the R&D and technical teams to optimise market diversification and new product technology. LED ink and curing technologies for flexographic applications is one such example of Paragon Inks

the continuous development of our people, processes and products to create an efficient and effective company in a very competitive marketplace. Being honoured with The Queen’s Award in 2014, has seen an assertion to our market now and into the future”. PARAGON INKS (HOLDINGS) LTD Starlaw Business Park, Livingston, West Lothian EH54 8SF Tel: +44 (0)1506 401 260 Fax: +44 (0)1506 400 009

innovation commitment and this product line has continued to grow and develop in 2015. ‘We see UV LED inks and coatings as the next rung on the technology ladder,’ commented Shaun Bennett, Paragon’s Managing Director in 2015. ‘These products not only offer printers and converters considerable cost savings, but also the flexibility of being able to print on both supported and unsupported materials using UV LED curing.’ Coming into 2016 this statement could not be more accurate. Working with key co suppliers Paragon Inks has taken this innovation to the

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