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August’s Best Deals Back to School = Big Savings

Laptops Finding the perfect laptop for yourself or your kids might take a little research, but it’s research that will pay off in the form of big savings. You’ll find discounts at most retailers that offer laptops, including the manufacturers themselves. Apple, HP, Dell, and others typically offer incentives on top of discounts (such as gift cards), so it’s in your best interest to look around to find the deal that works for you. Storage Containers With millions of college students getting ready to head off to school, many retailers are taking advantage of the fact that these kids need a place to store all of their stuff. You, too, can take advantage of these sales to stock up on storage bins and boxes for just about any purpose, from food to clothing storage. In addition to storage containers, you’ll find many home organization products on sale, as well. Vehicles According to USAA, August is a great time to start shopping for a new vehicle. New-year model cars and trucks are trickling onto lots around the country, and dealerships are slightly more motivated to get rid of last year’s stock. Use this time to do research and browse dealer selection. For even more potential savings, USAA suggests visiting the dealership on a Monday or Tuesday and later in the day.

August is back-to-school season, and that means you’ll find plenty of items on sale — everything students and families need to start the new school year right. Retailers, both online and off, are vying for your dollar this month, and they know just how much families love to save. Here’s a sample of the items you’ll find on sale in August.


Our office manager, Goli Godarzi, has become a familiar face since she joined the team in 2015. However, her legacy with A+ Family Dentistry stretches back much further. For six years, Goli worked with Dr. Roger Tran as the office manager for our sister location. In 2012, Goli’s husband took a new position and their family relocated to the Bay Area. When they returned in 2015, we were more than happy to see Goli rejoin the A+ team. So, what brought her back? “Part of it is being able to help the patients, and part of it is being able to support the rest of the staff,” Goli explains. “I’ve worked in offices where you just clock in, sit down, and have no real goals or responsibilities. With A+, I have always felt like I play a role in guiding the rest of the staff when they’re in difficult situations. I also get to educate patients and help them reach a better place where they not embarrassed about their teeth, or in pain, and they like their smile. It’s difficult to describe, but I truly love being here.” This is extremely high praise from a woman who has spent her life traveling the world. Born in Iran, Goli grew up in Sweden and lived in Dubai and the U.K. for a time before moving to the United States in 2001. She’s

been able to meet and bond with different people from cultures across the globe, which makes her skilled at connecting with our patients, who come from all walks of life.

“I don’t know what comes next, but I know I love where I am right now!” Goli says, which is great to hear. Right now Goli’s family is experiencing major life milestones. Her daughter just graduated from high school, and her son, who graduated from law school last year, got married at the end of July. Congratulations to the whole Godarzi family, and thank you, Goli, for spending all these years with us!

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