Grand Strand Health and Wellness - March 2020

March 2020

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Looking for the Perfect New Office Location If you’ve ever had a garden, you know that March, the beginning of spring, is a time for planting seeds. With water, sunlight, and good soil, those seeds will turn into fruits and vegetables you can eat during the summer and fall. But it’s not an immediate process, and we don’t always get our fresh garden salads right when we’d like them. Gardeners have to learn how to be patient when reaping the benefits of the time and energy they spent. About five or six years ago, I started looking into opening a new location for Grand Strand Health and Wellness. In no time at all, we had outgrown our existing space, and if we wanted to continue serving our clients as best we could, we would need more room to do so. So, I hired a Realtor and began scouring the market for potential new offices nearby. We looked at different locations up and down the Strand, but none of the existing locations ever worked. They were always either too old, too small, or too expensive. What I thought would only be a one- or two-year process soon turned into a five-year process. I was beginning to lose my patience, and I’ve struggled with being patient in the past. While I was looking for another office,

I experienced a lot of doubt and anxiety. What would we do if we could never find a site for another office?

While building our new office, rather than

retrofitting an existing space, will take more time, knowing there’s an end in sight makes it worth just a little more waiting. This way, we’ll

Then, what seemed like the perfect offer came along. Last year, there was an existing property we were very

strongly considering for the new location. It would have taken very little time to outfit the space for our needs, but when it came down to it, we wanted a space that was newer and more up to date, and the seller was just asking for too much money. So, after a lot of prayer, we turned them down. It wasn’t easy walking away from a deal that would have ended five years of searching, but I knew it wouldn’t work out quite as well as it needed to for our patients. If I’ve learned anything throughout this entire process, it’s that even when you’re anxious to find the perfect site, you have to trust God and your gut. Fortunately, it turned out to be a good move because about a month later, we purchased the lot where our new location is currently being built.

be able to add a lot of different stations, services, and tools wherever we need them. By waiting just a bit longer, the fruits of our labor will be that much sweeter. The building is well into being constructed at this point. Within the next couple of months, the future new site of Grand Strand Health and Wellness should be complete. I’m glad our patients won’t have to all share such a cramped office anymore, and after all the waiting and trusting that God would provide, I’m glad our patience wasn’t for nothing. –Dr. Chris Garner

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