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NEWSLETTER It’sMarchMadnessTime I love this time of year as one of the best sporting events of the year takes place. It has a few names: “The Road to the Final Four”, “The NCAA Tournament”, but my favorite is “March Madness”. I am a huge fan because unlike college football (which I also love), college basketball has a true champion, where the traditional great teams and the underdogs get to play it out on the court. “Madness” is created when an underdog puts together a great game and upsets the heavily favored. It is a David and Goliath story that gets played out in real time.

I had the awesome opportunity, thanks to my great friend Matt and his coaching connection, to attend the Final Four in Atlanta in 2013. The four participants were: Syracuse, Louisville, Michigan, and Wichita State. All of the games were tight. I cheered hard for Wichita State (the underdog) to advance but



they lost by four to Louisville in one of the tight semifinal games. Michigan beat Syracuse in the other semifinal to create a classic matchup of 2 powerhouse basketball teams with Louisville winning in the end. It was an incredible experience with each school bring lots of energy trying to win a National Championship. Another fun thing to do during March Madness is to print out your bracket and compete with friends and colleagues to see who can pick the winners. The first year I was in business we had an office tournament challenge and my secretary, who admitted knowing nothing about basketball, won our office pool by picking teams according to mascots. So even if you don’t know anything about basketball, print off your bracket and go have fun! I am committed to winning our office pool this year! Good luck and may your bracket choices pay off BIG this year. Let the Madness begin!! Your Friend, David Hawkins PT, CSCS

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