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Breaking Your Arm During a Pandemic My Son’s Story

O ur oldest son, Ben, has always been full of energy. He has always been the kid we expected to break a limb or two, and he seems to be proving us right. (Although, his younger sister, Sophia, is just as rambunctious!) So, it wasn’t too surprising when I received a call from my wife in mid- March telling me that Ben broke his right arm … again. If you remember what life was like back in mid-March, then you know we were just beginning our lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Hospitals were limiting the number of non-COVID-19 patients they saw and preparing for a wave of diagnoses. Schools were closed and events were canceled, so in between doing homework online, kids and parents suddenly found themselves with much more time on their hands. With five kids and a newborn, it’s safe to say tensions were running high by week two of the lockdown at our home. The jungle gym in our backyard became a lifesaver as our four older kids released some energy and my wife, JoDee, and I enjoyed a brief respite with our newborn, Gordon. Apparently, Ben was using this time to practice new tricks and moves on the jungle gym. Just before breaking his arm, he was attempting to launch himself from one portion to another, when he missed and hit the ground.

could come with Ben. And when we arrived at the hospital, Ben and I were interrogated again in the urgent care parking lot.

Then we walked through the doors and saw we were the only ones there! We were seen quickly, sent back for X-rays, and didn’t have to wait long to learn we would have to trek to the hospital because Ben’s arm was indeed broken. So, we drove to Phoenix Children’s Hospital where we encountered the same phenomenon. We saw sections of the hospital that had been partitioned for COVID-19 patients when we walked in, but we were just two of a handful of people who were there. I thought back to an evening in February just a month prior when we were at the clinic waiting in a packed room with people suffering from the sniffles and who knows what else. Once again, we were seen quickly and received great treatment. They patched up Ben’s arm in a cast up to his armpit and were completely thorough and understanding. It was amazing to see how careful, considerate, and dedicated the hospital workers were being when it came to Ben’s arm and making sure we were safe. They were preparing for what was to come while still giving us the care we needed. We used this opportunity as a lesson in gratitude for our kids, explaining how blessed we are to live in a time with top-notch medical care. As for Ben, he was certainly upset at first, but now, you would never guess he broke his arm if not for the cast. Nothing can keep that kid down for long! For her part, Sophia gave us quite the scare the day after Ben broke

Since our staff is small, I was still going into the office, so JoDee called me with the news. I immediately wondered what kind of calamity we would walk into at the hospital. I was picturing an overrun hospital with ragged staff trying to manage a million things at once. Still, we had few options with a broken arm. I rushed home, washed my hands, and, upon confirming that the bent angle in Ben’s arm was likely a break, I loaded him up in the car and headed to urgent care. We warned the clinic beforehand, had to answered a slew of questions, and received a warning that only one parent

his arm. Following in her brother’s footsteps, she also fell off the jungle gym. Thankfully, there were no broken bones this time, but at this rate, Ben and Sophia just might give us a run for our money! A special thank you to all the local health care workers who supported our communities this spring. Your dedication to our family and many others is appreciated.

-Brandon Yost

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