New Jersey Institute of Balance - October 2018

OCT 2018


Balancing the Chaos

HowWe’ve Survived Half a Year of Raising Twins While Opening a Clinic

Six months ago, our family grew by two — and all at once. We welcomed twins Michael and Michele into our home, expanding our family from four to six. We could not have been happier to welcome these two bubbly, fun babies into our world, and we celebrate each day in the midst of balanced chaos. Michael and Michele were born about a month premature, so, as far as twin births go, they were pretty healthy. Michael does have a few more health issues than his sister, and since his head is too flat, he has to wear a cranial band to reshape his skull. Since I’m an avid Washington Redskins fan, we plan to have the band airbrushed with the team’s logo and get our 3-year-old son, Jack, a helmet to match. The only concern is making sure Jack doesn’t try to head- butt his baby brother, but Jack is growing more responsible with his twin siblings every day. He’s still learning that “being nice” to the twins does not mean patting them on the head, but he’s been phenomenal with the transition. Our eldest daughter, Lia Grace, 7, has been our shining star throughout the process. She’s like a second, mini-mom to the twins, and she helps whenever she can. Of course, it’s Lisa who keeps the sanity levels in the house at a normal level, making sure our home and our kids have everything necessary. I can’t wait to continue our traditions with her and the kids as the 2018 holidays begin. I’m already thrilled to begin decorating with my kids for one of my favorite holidays: Halloween. The day is an awesome holiday for me, and I’m excited to share this with my new twins. But I’m not sure I could do any of this without Lisa — I know she’ll do a great job getting their costumes organized this Halloween. I’m thankful she and I have been afforded this opportunity to be parents together to our four kids. With the opening of our new clinic, the addition of twins, and balancing my political life as a city councilman in Hoboken, life has been anything but boring. We are carefully working through the financial strain of opening the new clinic and acquiring two more

mouths to feed, but we keep pushing forward each day. I come from humble beginnings, and I understand and appreciate the value of hard work. I know there’s the potential for learning and expansion of NJIB with this additional clinic, and that’s why we took this leap in the middle of a big family change. I’ve always placed huge value on family, and watching my own family grow to six has been an absolute pleasure. Life is messy, complicated, stressful, and exhausting — but looking at those four little faces I get to raise and the strong, beautiful woman I get to share this with, I know it’s all worth it.

–Dr. Michael Russo


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