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A Love Story What Matters Most How I Met My Wife, Jenny (Part 2)

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planned weekend visits around our children and our businesses, and eventually we introduced our kids to each other. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I wanted to marry Jenny, so I began planning the proposal. One of the first trips that Jenny and I ever took was to Charlotte, so I decided to surprise her with another trip there, where I planned to propose. During our trip, we went for a walk in a park — Freedom Park, to be exact. I didn’t have a real reason to give Jenny for going there other than it was a nice day, and I was nervous she would become suspicious. But I had a plan.

When I got back to the conference from my first-ever date (business meeting) with Jenny, I realized that my credit card was not in my wallet. And what better excuse to instant message Jenny than to tell her about my snafu? When Jenny sat down at her computer, she noticed an instant message from me that read, “Hi :).” She messaged me right back, and our conversations picked up right where we left off at lunch. After just one date, I realized that I really liked Jenny. Our conversation flowed naturally, we had similar backgrounds and goals, and she laughed at my jokes. After a couple of presentations, our mutual friend (the one who wanted to set us up) noticed that Jenny was smiling and blushing at her computer, so she messaged Jenny and told her to meet her in the bathroom during the next break. Jenny went and told our friend that she had just had lunch with me and that we were chatting on instant messenger. Our friend laughed and then said, “Don’t you realize that’s who I’ve been trying to get you to meet for months?!” After the conference, Jenny and I said our goodbyes and exchanged numbers. We talked on the phone for hours every night after the conference. Eventually, I told Jenny that I would like to start seeing her seriously, but I knew it was going to take some coordination since she was still living in Charleston. So, we

Before our trip, I had hired a local caricature artist to sit in the park. The plan was for Jenny and I to approach him randomly, and he would offer to draw our picture. I had arranged for him to draw a picture of me proposing, and when Jenny saw it, she’d also see me down on one knee presenting the ring. While we were walking, I skillfully guided Jenny toward the pond where the artist was seated nearby. Jenny noticed him working at an easel and even pointed him out to me and wondered what he was drawing. When I suggested we go take a look, she said didn’t want to bug him (not part of the plan!). However, I insisted, and we ventured over to peer over his shoulder as he worked. Eric, the artist, followed the script perfectly, offering to draw our picture and then asking all kinds of questions, leading Jenny to believe he was drawing us doing some beach activity at one the beaches Charleston is known for. But when he was finished and turned the picture around, it all became clear to Jenny. I pulled out the ring, got down on one knee, and asked Jenny to be my wife. She excitedly said yes, and we embraced. We still have that drawing, and we liked the artist so well that we even hired him to come draw caricatures of the guests at our wedding reception, which was a huge hit! We’ve been married for over five years now, and they have been the happiest years of my life. Jenny is a wonderful wife, mother, and business partner, and I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

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