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W h y the Angels A r e Curious

The final Sydney Showground meeting broke all Crusade attendance records — 150,000 persons. The response to the invitation was 5,6US inquirers — 2,000 of whom came forward in the adjoining Cricket Ground.

T o G o d B e T h e G l o r y The Very Rev. Dr. S. Barton Babbage Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne The Rev. Gordon Powell Minister of St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church

In Melbourne we were both humbled and exalted—humbled by the response and exalted by the results. Night by night people from every walk of life—from the highest to the lowest—gave themselves either by committal to Christ or by rededication. It has been a high privilege and an unforgettable experience to have been able to share in this evangelistic adventure. The ministry of Billy Graham we have appreciated more than we can say. To his burning sincerity, contagious faith and personal charm he adds an utter devotion to Christ. We pray that the blessing of God may continue to abide on his ministry. The Rt. Rev. R. C. Kerle Bishop Coadjutor My whole life has been greatly enriched by my participation in the Crusades in Australia. Never again could I doubt that the Gospel is the “ Power of God,” nor that men’s lives can be changed through “ the foolishness of preaching.” Throughout this Commonwealth the majority of ministers of all Churches participated. It has been the greatest act of united witness in the history of this nation; and, either directly or indirectly through land-line relays, thousands of congrega­ tions have received deep spiritual blessing. We have discovered the existence of a real spiritual hunger and we are encouraged to preach Christ crucified with a new confidence. The spirit and message of the Crusades will continue in the thousands of Churches who have been benefited beyond measure during the Crusade days, and in the lives of the multiplied thousands of individuals who have found a new meaning to life through faith in Jesus Christ. As the Churches and Christians of Australia take up the task we firmly believe this is not the end, but the beginning of a great new day for the cause of Christ here in this land. The Rev. Dr. A. H. Wood President-General of the Methodist Church in Australasia The Graham Crusade has been the most remarkable religious event in this generation in Australia. The numbers attending the meetings night after night have been one amazing evidence of success. The many thousands who have responded in each city have given the churches an opportunity which they have not known before. The Methodist Church has whole-heartedly co-operated and as its official head I pay the heartiest tribute for what we have seen and experienced. To God be the glory! The Rt. Rev. Marcus Loane Bishop Coadjutor Sydney has never been so widely or deeply stirred as it has been during this Crusade. The many thousands who have crowded the meetings at the Showground and who have responded to the invitation at every meeting have revealed a spiritual hunger which was scarcely suspected. There is perhaps hardly a Church in the metropolitan area which is not now rejoicing in those who have declared themselves willing to put their trust in Christ and receive Him as their Lord and Savior. The Crusade has unified all the Churches in a fellowship which has-proved more real and effective than we have ever known. The Church of England The Diocese of Sydney The Anglican Church The Diocese of Sydney

Sydney is a pleasure-loving city. Its people have been described as amiable pagans. Its church people have always had a struggle and too often been weak and defeated. What a difference there is now! There is a spirit of gaiety and confidence amongst the church people. Morale is at an all time high and all the city is talking religion and the churches, working joyfully together, feel a new strength. We believe it is the beginning of the first big revival in our history. God has done great things whereof we are glad. Only the Spirit of God, the Christian Gospel and a Christian preacher could have produced this miracle. Here we have seen welling up the need of this great city. A deep yearning for God often lies buried beneath the materialism, the sophistication, the sin of our lives. Here it has broken through in these days. Here we have seen God from His side breaking through to us. Life for many of us will never be the same again. Lives have been changed, homes reunited, churches quickened. Humbly, gratefully, we acknowledge the goodness of God. The Rev. Dr. E. H. Watson None of us imagined that we would ever see the day when thousands upon thousands of our fellow citizens would openly declare their faith in Jesus Christ. People from all walks of life have been ready to declare without embarrassment their readi­ ness to allow God to come into their lives. The Crusade that has been held in Sydney is now to be written into the history of our nation, and will be written, many of us believe, as the greatest event in the religious life of the country. The Rev. R. F. Clement Minister of the Central Methodist Church, Auckland Almost every Church reports new members in its fellowship, and more important, a deepening of the spiritual life of many who belonged before. To assess the magnitude of the impact of the Crusade we should be required to attempt to measure spiritual values which would be impossible. Certain it is that something of immense spiritual significance has happened in many Churches and Christian people in Auckland for which we thank God. The Rev. Roland Hart President, Canterbury Baptist Association The continuing impact of the Crusade is being seen first in the increased congregations of Churches of all denominations; sec­ ondly, in the fact that there is now in every Church a spearhead of trained and confident Christian workers. We are now con­ fronted with an opportunity such as we have never known in this country. The Rev. Alan Walker Minister of the Central Methodist Mission Director of the Department of Evangelism The Baptist Union of the State of N.S.W.

THE J 5 U I m O ’H o U c u v w EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 779, Minneapolis 40, Minnesota

Editor's Note: This article should be read by every parent sending a son or daugh­ ter to college this fall, and likewise, read b y eve ry teenager.

Althea S. Miller writes:

To My Son

David Dear, You left home last night amidst a raging storm in my heart. Little did I know when you were bom some 18 years ago what your leaving the family “nest” would do to me. How could I know? I have been so busy through the years studying and train- ing and loving each child that all my time has been occupied in that area. I have had to learn many things in the rearing of my nine. Nor are my days of learning over. I am now in the process of learning how to relin­ quish my children to the demands of higher education as you each prepare for a life of serving Christ. Somehow, the learning process in this, or any area, never seems to come easily. One always wonders at the time of separation who will be here or gone when next the family gets together, Because I cannot shake off this won­ dering I feel constrained to tell you of a few thoughts on my heart as they relate to you. You can take them for what they are worth to you. From the moment I knew I was to have another baby, the third of my nine you are, I loved you. And why not? You are another token of a deeply rooted love between your Daddy and me. The first movements of your tiny body under my heart served to seal a mother’s love for you for all time. The events of your life pass in panorama before my memory now. The helpless sweetness of your pre­ cious baby days and “ old man” wis­ dom of your early boyhood philoso­ phizings are among the jewels in my hall of memory which is occupied by you alone. Nor will I ever forget the night you came into my bedroom sobbing as though your heart was broken. Do you remember the reason for those tears? You were concerned about your salvation. Several days prior to this never-to-be-forgotten night you had been a naughty boy and were miserable in your rebellious state. The Spirit of God worked in your heart that night and you couldn’t sleep until you made a few matters right. It was joy unspeakable to your

mother to enter into the fellowship of your confession and repentence. The day you committed yourself to Christ both for salvation and His Lordship was a highlight with eternal implications in your young life. When you began to evince genuine interest in the true values of life and loyally to stand on the principles taught by your parents when others would make light of them, Mother was sure that all the hard work she put into you, coupled with constant prayer to our Father to overrule our short-sighted­ ness and lack, surely bore fruit. One day just about three months ago you stood strong and shy at the head of your high school graduating class. You had reached an important milestone along the road of your life. Now you stand on the threshhold of what can be and should be a most wonderful four year adventure. It will be replete with challenge and hard work, sometimes fraught with anxiety and discouragement. But with your heart belonging to Jesus Christ alone the eyes of your understanding fixed steadfastly on the goal, and self discipline ruling your passions on the basis of God’s Word, you will surely be more than a conqueror. As your Daddy and I commit you anew to your Saviour and Lord as you live away from home and attend a Christian college, we are asking Him to make and keep you aware of your specific task to which each be­ liever is committed: “Ye are the salt of the earth.” Don’t allow Satan to rob you of your savor, David. Not even a Christian college can keep you “ salty” , Son. This is a personal mat­ ter between you and the Lord, and the savor will be assured only as you personally maintain a close and con­ stant fellowship with Him WTho gave Himself to make you what you are tonight. If there is any bit of a m o t h e r ’ s heart-felt philosophy I would give to which you ought to pay special heed, it is this: Whatever standards of conduct were right and righteous at home, these are right away from home.


Whatever truths you have been taught and which have been absorbed into the very warp and woof of your character to make you the young man of God you are now, these truths must be guarded, cherished and adhered to, now, more than ever, as peers and fellow students look for and rightly expect evidence of your walk with Christ. Whatever standards of manners and morals and ideals which we have in­ culcated in and lived before you; what­ ever you have accepted and lived of these, they, too, will envelop your personality and character to make you a man above and among men, where others of lesser stature make a mockery of such nobilities. Someone has well said: “ Everyone has to be entrusted to himself sometime in his life.” You have come to that time, my Son. By His power you will be true to that trust. Finally, though far from last as to importance, with the Word of the Lord through His Apostle I would remind you. “ . . . whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest (honorable), . whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatso­ ever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think (fix your mind) on these things” (Phil. 4:8). We love you with an all-inclusive love, David. You are never farther from us than our latest prayer for and thought of you. You know where and how to get us if at any time you need us.





With tender love, Mother and Daddy

September, 1959



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A MESSAGE /, rom the editor

Recently newspapers across w the land carried reports of a far-reaching decision made by the General Assembly of the U n i t e d Presbyterian Church. By a large maj ority, the Commissioners to the 171st General Assembly of the church voted to confirm the Reverend Dr. Theodore A. Gill as President of San Francisco Theological Semi­ nary. Dr. Gill is a former m a n a g i n g e d i t o r of the Christian Century, which is doubtless the outstanding modernistic magazine in the country today. According to the press re­ ports in an article in the ^ Christian Century of April 2, 1958, Dr. Gill had denied the virgin birth of Christ.

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In the tension-packed clash, when the issue came to the floor of the General Assembly, the defenders of Dr. Gill loudly proclaimed that he had never denied the virgin birth of Christ. The issue could have been settled very easily if the eminent theologian had merely taken the plat­ form and stated categorically that he believed the doctrine of the virgin birth of Christ. But he refused to make such a statement. When Dr. Gill was ordained, as in the case with every ordained minister in the United Presbyterian Church, he answered in the affirmative the very first question of his ordination vows which is: "Do you believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the Word of God, the only infallible rule of faith and practice?" And the second question, which he also solemnly answered in the affirmative, reads: "Do you sincerely receive and adopt the Confession of Faith of your church as containing the system of doctrine taught in the Holy Scriptures?" On the question of the virgin birth, the Westminister Con­ fession of Faith is absolutely clear and unmistakable. It reads in part, "The Son of God, the second person in the Trinity, being very and eternal God, of one substance and equal with the Father . . . was conceived by the power of the Holy Ghost in the womb of the virgin Mary of her substance. " But, now, this eminent theologian repudiates the doc­ trine of the virgin birth of Christ as well as the doctrine of the infallibility of the Word of God ! He passes over the virgin birth of Christ lightly, inferring that it is only mentioned two times in the Bible. The question naturally arises — how many times must a statement be repeated in the Bible before it is considered to be true? We who believe in the inerrancy of the Word of God believe that if a state­ ment is made only once in the pages of sacred Scripture it is just as true as if it were repeated a thousand times.

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The tragedy of the situation is compounded by the fact that Dr. Gill not only remains welcome in the United Pres­ byterian Church, but also that he has been elevated to a position of outstanding responsibility in heading up one of the larger seminaries of the denomination which is yearly turning out a large number of young men who will be filling Presbyterian pulpits in the years that lie ahead. The same newspaper accounts which told of the confir­ mation of Dr. Gill also e n u m e r a t e d the numerous social welfare resolutions which were adopted by the conclave. Among others, it was stated, that the General Assembly, (1) endorsed birth control, (2) urged abolition of capital punishment, (3) deplored laws either banning or requiring union shop agreements, (4) urged congregations to encour­ age voluntary abstinence from liquor. It would seem that the time and money involved in a great gathering such as the General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church could be spent far more effectively in studying anew the Westminster Confession of Faith and the great, vital truths which it enunciates. The Assembly would have had vastly greater significance if once again it had proclaimed the words, "Thus saith the Lord. " There are many organizations as a d e q u a t e l y qualified as is the United Presbyterian Church to issue pronouncements upon the above-mentioned social welfare programs ; but such organizations are not qualified to proclaim the eternal truths of God's Word. That is the supreme task of the Church of Jesus Christ. When an individual or a great denomination backs away from its high and holy calling, they no longer deserve the sup­ port of God's people. It was encouraging to note that among those who endeav­ ored to block the confirmation of Dr. Gill were men like Dr. Clarence Kerr, retired pastor of the Glendale Presby­ terian Church; Dr. W. Clarence Wright, of the Wilshire Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles ; and Dr. William B. Livingstone of the First Presbyterian Church of San Diego, all of them prominent pastors in Southern California, as well as Dr. Albert J. Lindsey, pastor the First Presbyterian Church of Tacoma, and a few other Bible-believing men of God. The tragedy was that there were so few willing to let their voices be heard against this most unfortunate action. precious moments with PRECIOUS ^ LIVES . . . make them count with ASSU lessons The lessons you teach today in ments of your Sunday school, your Sunday school may well from beginners through adults, help determine the future of ASSU Bible-centered Sunday your students. When you teach school materials present the God’ s Word, every minute whole truth of the Bible. The counts. Make sure you select Gospel is emphasized through- Union lessons for all depart- out and Christ is made pre­ eminent. Send for free sample materials today to Dept. K59 A m e r i c a n S u n d a y - S c h o o l u n i o n Suppliers of religious material to Sunday Schools for over a century. 1816 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia 3, Pa.

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(A monthly column of the activities of Christian Leaders)

Miss Eugenia Price, Christian author and radio producer, will be one of the three featured speakers at the Sixth Annual Christian Writers Association of Canada, held at the Toronto Bible College October 16-17. Others to be heard will be Miss Rosalind Rinker and Mr. George M. Bowman. Rev. Richard H. Ellingson, executive secretary of the American Bible Society, has resigned to become the pastor of the Zion Lutheran Church of Clear Lake, Iowa. He has served with the ABS for ten years with his prime responsibility the distribution of the Scriptures in the United States. Rev. Stuart P. Garver has been ap­ pointed co-director of Christ’s Mission, working with Dr. Walter M. Montano. Mr. Garver was formerly registrar of the Providence-Barrington Bible Col­ lege and has been a member of the Mission’s board for five years. Dr. Irwin A. Moon, director of the Moody Institute of Science, has an­ nounced that a new MIS film on sense perception will be distributed this fall. “Windows of the Soul,” will show how the energy of silent sound can make objects float in mid-air or even cause an ordinary cork-screw to drill a spiral hole through a piece of glass. Mr. Willis Mayfield, manager of the radio division of Moody Bible In­ stitute, has announced that call letters for MBI’s new East Moline Illinois radio station will be WDLM (the initials of Dwight L. Moody). Many of the programs will be carried by direct wire from Chicago’s WMBI. Construction work began in June, -and at the same time the organization was granted a permit to build an FM station for Chicago. Dr. Carl A. Mclntire, president of the International Council of Churches, has participated in a week long session of meetings in the European Evangelical Conference in Oslo, Norway. Others participating from the United States were Dr. Allan A. MacRae and the Rev. Robert Ryerse. Dr. Joseph MacAvley, Mr. Harry Dixon Loes, and Mrs. C. Evelyn Baer, were awarded first, second and third prizes respectively in the recently conducted “ General Purpose Songs” contest, sponsored by the Zondervan Music Publishers of Grand Rapids. The prize winning selections will be featured in forthcoming publications.

Dr. Gate A. Risley, executive secretary of the National Sunday School As­ sociation, has announced that the or­ ganization, after nearly 15 years, has purchased their own buildings located in the busy Chicago Loop area. Dedication services were announecd by Rev. Bert Webb, Springfield Missouri, president of the NSSA, for September 13th. Rev. J. O. Percy, general secretary of the Interdenominational Foreign Mis­ sions Association, has requested urgent prayer for the establishment of a mis­ sionary radio station in Europe. “ Over six hundred million souls are at stake and we cannot fail them in this hour of opportunity.” Dr. Clarence Jones, director of the World Missionary Radio Fellowship (HCJB), has completed a tour of radio activities in India. Programs are now beamed in four Indian languages from the Far East Broadcasting Company in Manila. Dr. Jones is continuing his worldwide survey of Gospel radio. Dr. Everett F. Harrison, and Dr. Geof­ frey W. Bromiley, both of the faculty of Fuller Theological Seminary; and Dr. Carl F. H. Henry, editor of “ Christianity Today” ; have prepared a new volume, “ Dictionary of Theology,” to be pub­ lished by the Baker Book House of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Articles for the book have been written by 125 different theologians. Rev. Clifton E. Gregory, superintendent of the City Mission of Cleveland, has been re-elected president of the Inter­ national Union of Gospel Missions, at the organization’s 46th annual con­ vention held recently in Bakersfield, California. Francis Crumley, Leonard Hunt, and Clarence E. Chamberlain were other officers elected by the group. Dr. Jâmes Z. Nettinga, director of the Worldwide Bible Reading program of the American Bible Society, has an­ nounced the theme, “ The Everlasting Light,” for the 16th consecutive year of the association’s program. Decem­ ber 6 through 13 has been designated as Universal Bible Week. Over 50 denominations helped to select the theme. Dr. and Mrs. Oswald J. Smith, of the Peoples Church of Toronto, Canada, were recently received at Bucking­ ham Palace. The Queen was touring Canada at the time. They were also privileged to visit the House of Parlia­ ment as well as other places of historic interest.


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M en tion ONE on ly




By Vane

believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God” (John 3:18). Peter Boehler asked John Wesley whether or not Christ was his Saviour. Wesley answered, “ I believe that He is the Saviour of the world.” “ BUT IS HE YOUR SAVIOUR?” Boehler pressed the question. He knew what makes the difference. “He that is not with me is against me, and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.” John Wesley had much in his favor, but he was not ready to preach until he came into a conscious possession of salvation. With that and the enduement of the Spirit he had what makes the difference. GOD MAKES THE DIFFERENCE IN MEETINGS ,, Years ago I was preaching in a Georgia town. A preacher friend of mine dropped into a morning service. He told me later that he had not been there ten minutes before he turned to his wife and said, “ God is here.” I have thought of that many times since. Our Lord promised to be where two or three gather in His Name. I have heard that verse used in prayer-meetings where I was afraid that some discouraged brother was more conscious of the absence of the people than of the presence of God. The infidel says, “ God is nowhere.” The Christian moves two letters and says “ God is now here!” We are often more conscious of many other things at church. Some wit has put it, “ Some come to close the eyes, others to eye the clothes.” The most important thing in any church gather­ ing is a sense of God. If we do not have that, we might as well have stayed at home. In the little country church of my boyhood the farmer folk gatherd each July for a week of meetings. They used to sing, “Brethren, we have met to worship And adore the Lord our God. They knew what makes the difference! “UNLESS THE SPIRIT . . .” that is it. And when we came away from that humble meeting we knew what did it. The preaching was often ordinary, the singing off-key but souls had been saved, faces shone, loads had been lifted, heaven was nearer. God was there, and God had made the difference. GOD MAKES THE DIFFERENCE IN PREACHERS A pleasing personality, an impressive appearance, pulpit, ability, several post-graduate courses, all have their value, but they do not spell the difference. D. L. Moody had few of the graces of a great preacher. His appearance was plain, his education limited, his style blunt, but he moved Won’t you pray with all your power W hile we try to preach the Word? ALL IS VAIN UNLESS THE SPIRIT OF THE HOLY ONE COMES DOWN; Brethren, pray and. holy manna W ill be scattered all around.”

I n a l it t l e meeting on a mountain top a dear brother prayed, “ Lord, give us what makes the difference.” He did not elaborate but his prayer stuck in my mind. He knew that there is a difference in prayer-meetings. We were praying for the evening service, and he knew that there is a difference in evening services. He knew that one night the going is hard, the chariot wheels drag heavily, there is no sense of God; but maybe the next night the heavens open and the Lord comes down. So he prayed for that which makes the difference. Some things make a great deal of difference. We have made many false distinctions of our own. We have put up many fences which God does not recognize. On the other hand God has made some eternal distinctions. It is God Himself Who makes the big difference. GOD MAKES THE DIFFERENCE IN CREATION The Bible opens with “ In the beginning GOD . . .” There are those who say that we came from nowhere and are going nowhere, that life is only a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, but signifying absolutely nothing. They like to speak of the human race as “ small masses of impure carbohydrates headed for oblivion.” They speak of this earth as “ a lost ironclad ship with a crew of fools and mutineers left to drift between the cold forts of the stars.” But most of us do not believe that this universe is only a concourse of chemical elements, the joke of a meaningless fate. What makes the difference is God. The heavens declare His glory and the firmament shows His handiwork. Nor did He merely wind up this work to let it run down with the passing centuries. He is not only behind it, He is in it, He is carrying out His purpose. God makes the difference in creation, and because God is in it, there is sense to it. “ Life is real, life is earnest, and the grave is not the goal.” GOD MAKES THE ETERNAL DISTINCTION BE­ TWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG. We try to smudge moral black and white into an indefinite gray, but God never mixes them. And there is THE EVERLASTING DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING SAVED OR LOST. Until a man is a Christian he is a sinner. He may be an educated sinner, a baptized sinner, a religious sinner, but still a sinner. No one can be more lost than lost. The most decent characted without Christ is as unsaved as the worst character in Sing Sing. Nicodemus was as lost as Barabbas, and the rich young ruler needed salvation as much as the unrepentant thief on the Cross. Whether from the backwoods or the boulevards, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, “ THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE, FOR ALL HAVE SINNED AND COME SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD.” What makes the difference is JESUS CHRIST. “ He that believeth on Him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because He hath not


1 0

I DIFFERENCE lavner two continents nearer to God. And Sankey, his singer, had few of the marks of a master musician but these two untrained, almost uncouth, men swayed multitudes with the Gospel. There is only one answer, they were chosen of God and filled with the Spirit. No preacher, whether his field be large or small, can be God’s man for that place unless he has been called and empowered from above. When Paul began his ministry, he conferred not with flesh and blood but went to Arabia for a session with God. He knew what makes the difference. There is an appalling danger that we ministers shall stock up on everything else and come short on that. Without it we may do a lot of shouting and bustling around but nothing will happen. Unless a preacher has had, sometime, an encounter with Almighty God, call it what you will, he will but add to that over-supply already on hand of those who do not make much difference. GOD MAKES THE DIFFERENCE IN CHR IST IANS His presence makes the difference between fear and faith, between defeat and victory, between Romans Seven and Romans Eight. All Christians have eternal life but all do not have abundant life. A ll have peace with God but all do not have the peace of God. There may be relationship without fellowship, privilege without enjoyment, life without health, as Dr. Scroggie has pointed out. It is God Who makes the difference in the filling, the empowering, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We argue about it instead of entering into it, we debate it but we do not demonstrate it. We wander in the wilderness or stand on Jordan’s stormy banks and cast a wishful eye to Canaan’s fair and happy land where our possessions lie. We lie to the Spirit, quench, and grieve Him when we ought to yield to Him and to obey Him. The Spirit-filled life is not something queer, odd, irregular, it is the normal experience of the New Testament Christian. The early believers were not running a high spT’tual fever; they were enjoying normal spir'tual health. We are subnormal, and we are afraid to become normal lest we be called abnormal! We need more Christians with a difference. The world sees little difference between insiders in our churches and outsiders. We have too many already of the k;nd that we have. We need a revival today but a revival of what? Surely not more of the present pale brand of godliness without power The early church d d not have much that we have and we do not have much that they had. But thev had what makes the difference. Church-members todav ave manv but not much. Our greatest problem is Dr. Vance Havrer, nofed Bible teacher and conference speaker, is featured ibis month over network broadcasts of "The B b e Institute Hour." A cop' of the book, "But God," which features the messages rf the program, is avnilab'e unon request to "The Bible Institute Hour," Los Angeles 17, Cali.'ornia.

the quality of our quantity. We need what makes the dif­ ference. One feels it often in Sunday morning services. Everything goes off according to the printed order, “ faultily faultless, icily regular, splendidly null.” And all too often we could have done it all . . . and maybe we did! . . . without the Holy Spirit. It was not a bad meeting. It was a good meeting but the kind of good which is so often the enemy of the best. No wonder we announce “ Services as usual.” They should be unusual and they will be when we have what makes the difference. And finally, WHEN WE FACE THE FUTURE, IT IS GOD WHO MAKES THE DIFFERENCE. If, as W ill Rogers used to put it, all we know is what we read in the papers, we are in a sad plight indeed. Never has the out­ look been darker, men’s hearts failing them for fear. The threat of atomic destruction hangs over our heads. The rulers of men know not what to do. But the man who knows God and his Bible knows that when these things begin to come to pass his redemption is drawing nigh. He lifts up his head for he is not merely looking for some­ thing to happen, he is looking for Someone to come. His newspaper is interpreted in the light of his Bible. Others may grope in perplexity, having lost their way, but he does not err, knowing the Scriptures and the power of God. He has the Blessed Hope that makes the difference! In a crowded railway station a throng of people waited for an incoming train. Most of them were restless and fidgety, some were irritable and complaining. They smoked and studied time tables and watched the clock. Amidst it all a young woman with radiant smiling face stood in cheerful contrast. She was not merely waiting for a train, she was looking for the one she loved to come on that train. What a difference! Today a troubled world scans the news and wonders “What next?” A weary gen­ eration frets and fumes and fears the worst. Even Bible scholars sometimes spend their time arguing over God’s time-table instead of jovouslv awaiting the'r Lord. But here and there is a happy Christ’ an, and the news that frightens the world only brightens his hope. Fie has what makes the difference! And it is not so much the place as the Person who makes heaven what it is. The worst thing about hell is that it is eternal separat'on from God. And the best thing about the life to come for the Christ'an is to depart and be WITH CHRIST. John saw the Holy City from bleak and barren Patmos, and he tells us that it needs no temple for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it. And it needs ne:ther sun nor moon for the glorv of God d:d lighten it and the Lamb is the light thereof. God makes the difference at the beginning of all things — “ In the beginning God. . . .” And when we reach the Pearly White City it will be God Who makes the difference the-e. END



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