King's Business - 1959-09

The final Sydney Showground meeting broke all Crusade attendance records — 150,000 persons. The response to the invitation was 5,6US inquirers — 2,000 of whom came forward in the adjoining Cricket Ground.

T o G o d B e T h e G l o r y The Very Rev. Dr. S. Barton Babbage Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne The Rev. Gordon Powell Minister of St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church

In Melbourne we were both humbled and exalted—humbled by the response and exalted by the results. Night by night people from every walk of life—from the highest to the lowest—gave themselves either by committal to Christ or by rededication. It has been a high privilege and an unforgettable experience to have been able to share in this evangelistic adventure. The ministry of Billy Graham we have appreciated more than we can say. To his burning sincerity, contagious faith and personal charm he adds an utter devotion to Christ. We pray that the blessing of God may continue to abide on his ministry. The Rt. Rev. R. C. Kerle Bishop Coadjutor My whole life has been greatly enriched by my participation in the Crusades in Australia. Never again could I doubt that the Gospel is the “ Power of God,” nor that men’s lives can be changed through “ the foolishness of preaching.” Throughout this Commonwealth the majority of ministers of all Churches participated. It has been the greatest act of united witness in the history of this nation; and, either directly or indirectly through land-line relays, thousands of congrega­ tions have received deep spiritual blessing. We have discovered the existence of a real spiritual hunger and we are encouraged to preach Christ crucified with a new confidence. The spirit and message of the Crusades will continue in the thousands of Churches who have been benefited beyond measure during the Crusade days, and in the lives of the multiplied thousands of individuals who have found a new meaning to life through faith in Jesus Christ. As the Churches and Christians of Australia take up the task we firmly believe this is not the end, but the beginning of a great new day for the cause of Christ here in this land. The Rev. Dr. A. H. Wood President-General of the Methodist Church in Australasia The Graham Crusade has been the most remarkable religious event in this generation in Australia. The numbers attending the meetings night after night have been one amazing evidence of success. The many thousands who have responded in each city have given the churches an opportunity which they have not known before. The Methodist Church has whole-heartedly co-operated and as its official head I pay the heartiest tribute for what we have seen and experienced. To God be the glory! The Rt. Rev. Marcus Loane Bishop Coadjutor Sydney has never been so widely or deeply stirred as it has been during this Crusade. The many thousands who have crowded the meetings at the Showground and who have responded to the invitation at every meeting have revealed a spiritual hunger which was scarcely suspected. There is perhaps hardly a Church in the metropolitan area which is not now rejoicing in those who have declared themselves willing to put their trust in Christ and receive Him as their Lord and Savior. The Crusade has unified all the Churches in a fellowship which has-proved more real and effective than we have ever known. The Church of England The Diocese of Sydney The Anglican Church The Diocese of Sydney

Sydney is a pleasure-loving city. Its people have been described as amiable pagans. Its church people have always had a struggle and too often been weak and defeated. What a difference there is now! There is a spirit of gaiety and confidence amongst the church people. Morale is at an all time high and all the city is talking religion and the churches, working joyfully together, feel a new strength. We believe it is the beginning of the first big revival in our history. God has done great things whereof we are glad. Only the Spirit of God, the Christian Gospel and a Christian preacher could have produced this miracle. Here we have seen welling up the need of this great city. A deep yearning for God often lies buried beneath the materialism, the sophistication, the sin of our lives. Here it has broken through in these days. Here we have seen God from His side breaking through to us. Life for many of us will never be the same again. Lives have been changed, homes reunited, churches quickened. Humbly, gratefully, we acknowledge the goodness of God. The Rev. Dr. E. H. Watson None of us imagined that we would ever see the day when thousands upon thousands of our fellow citizens would openly declare their faith in Jesus Christ. People from all walks of life have been ready to declare without embarrassment their readi­ ness to allow God to come into their lives. The Crusade that has been held in Sydney is now to be written into the history of our nation, and will be written, many of us believe, as the greatest event in the religious life of the country. The Rev. R. F. Clement Minister of the Central Methodist Church, Auckland Almost every Church reports new members in its fellowship, and more important, a deepening of the spiritual life of many who belonged before. To assess the magnitude of the impact of the Crusade we should be required to attempt to measure spiritual values which would be impossible. Certain it is that something of immense spiritual significance has happened in many Churches and Christian people in Auckland for which we thank God. The Rev. Roland Hart President, Canterbury Baptist Association The continuing impact of the Crusade is being seen first in the increased congregations of Churches of all denominations; sec­ ondly, in the fact that there is now in every Church a spearhead of trained and confident Christian workers. We are now con­ fronted with an opportunity such as we have never known in this country. The Rev. Alan Walker Minister of the Central Methodist Mission Director of the Department of Evangelism The Baptist Union of the State of N.S.W.

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