Four Corners Health & Rehab - August/September 2019

You Were Made for Walkin’


Walking is one of the most underrated forms of exercises. Studies have shown that walking at least 30 minutes every day is great for your joints and can improve your mental and cardiovascular health. So, lace up your athletic shoes and get out there with these simple ways to incorporate walking into your daily life. Meet new friends! Form a walking group with your neighbors or join local clubs that focus on walking. Your body will thank you for the exercise, and your social life and mental health will improve. This can be even more beneficial for seniors too! Studies have shown that seniors can be one of the most isolated groups, which can lead to depression and WITH SUDOKU TAKE A BREAK

health complications, including memory loss. Forming or joining a walking group can help curb this phenomenon. Check 2 things off your to-do list! It’s hard enough getting a workout in each day, but when you have errands to run, finding time to exercise is nearly impossible. So, why not do both? Instead of shuffling your car around parking lots, find a central location, park your vehicle, and walk to your various destinations. Sure, the commute may take longer and you may have to drop off a load of bags at the car, but you will get your workout in, get your errands done, and be happier and healthier afterward.

day for work, we sit while we eat, and we round out our days curled up with a good book or watching TV. But researchers have discovered that sitting for too long can be just as bad as smoking, so it’s time to get up and walk. You should take a walk during work or after lunch, as studies have found this can boost your productivity. Move your dinner party outside after a big meal, or listen to an audiobook or podcast on an evening walk. As with any physical activity, check with a medical professional before starting a new routine. The experts at Four Corners Health and Rehabilitation can help you find the right shoes and make sure your new routine is pain-free.

Explore your surroundings! In today’s sedentary world, we sit at computers all

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1. Place a blender and medium mixing bowl on your workstation. 2. Divide the tomato chunks, cucumber pieces, and bell pepper slices evenly between blender and bowl. Place entire onion in blender. 3. Add basil, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper to blender. Blend on low, gradually raising speed to high until smooth, about 2 minutes. 4. Add blender contents to bowl and mix until just broken up, about 10–20 seconds. 5. Let mixture sit in fridge for a minimum of 2 hours. Transfer to bowls and serve. Gazpacho, an Andalusian soup made of blended vegetables and traditionally served cold, is the perfect refresher on a warm summer day. INGREDIENTS • 2 1/2 lbs ripe tomatoes; cored, seeded, and cut into 1-inch chunks • 1 small cucumber; peeled, seeded, and cut into 1-inch chunks • 1 red bell pepper; cored, seeded, and sliced into ribbons • 1 small Vidalia onion, peeled and cubed • 1/4 cup basil leaves • 1 clove garlic, peeled • 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil • 2 tbsp sherry vinegar • Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste DIRECTIONS

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