Biola Broadcaster - 1963-06


F R I your opportunity to show “Martin Luther’ When your church uses any three Biola films within three months <

Select any three of these films now and have a free show- ing of the epic production "Martin Luther"

Showing Date Requested

"CRISIS IN MORALITY" ($10.00) "HEAVENS DECLARE" ($10.00) "ORANG DYAK" ($12.50) "I SAW PETRA" ($12.00) "GEORGE MULLER" ($9.00) "IND IA 'S SORROW" ($12.00) Preferred Date for "Martin Luther"

B IO L A F ILM S Headquarters for all Cathedral, Moody Institute, World-Wide, Billy Graham, Concordia, Ken Ander­ son and other Christian productions.

(For convenient ordering, use coupon on page 23) Free Descriptive Catalog Upon Request BIOLA FILMS (Phone OW 1-2117, 17785)

405 W est Imperial La Habra, California

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