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Newsletters as a Digital Communication Tool

Good newsletters provide information and help you communicate with your employees, so choosing the best format for your publica- tions is vital. Are you currently using PDFs? Surely, PDF is a common format, but heavy attachments load slow- ly, can’t always fit into email or engage visually. Plus, you can’t tell if employees open PDFs at all.

Is there a better way?

Online newsletters load and open fast in any browser. Easy to cre- ate, customize and share, they are a quick and interactive digital communication tool.

Also, the online format allows you to track viewer interaction and see how employees engage with your digital newsletters.



How Can you Benefit from Using FlippingBook?



Share Linkable Newsletters with your Employees

FlippingBook helps you convert any PDF into an online publication that works on any device.

Easy sharing via email. Attachments take a while to load, so send direct links to your newsletters via email instead.

Accessibility. Even large publications open instantly in any browser.

Cross-platform compatibility. Enjoy easy viewing on any computer, iOS or Android device.

“ I love the way that FlippingBook will take your document and automatically make it into this thing that’s cool and got shadows. I think it’s great. ”

Krystan Umstattd, Forest Highlands Association



Create Hard-to-miss Interactive Newsletters

“ The flip books are nice because they are easy to link to and are just better - presentation wise. ”

Emely Srimoukda, Newsletter Pro

Customization is key to a more professional look. Make sure your employees never miss out on important information again with:

• Link, video and popup embedding • Flip-page visual and sound effect • Choice of 24 ready skins or own background • Ability to change text and panel colors • Clickable logo and copyright button • Table of contents and text search tool



Create Private Online Publications Easily

“ The product itself is more attractive and user- friendly than many I’ve seen out there. And I see that you’re constantly investing time and energy to continue to develop it, which is impressive. ” Craig Sharkey, Sharkey Graphic Solutions, LLC

Creating digital publications takes a few simple steps and, if necessary, you can protect sensitive information from unwanted viewers. • Securing information. To make your newsletters available solely for viewing, simply disable Print, Share and Download buttons. • Restricting access. Password protect your publications and only your employees will see them. • Coding skills not required. You don’t have to be tech-savvy: all you need is a ready PDF and Internet access.



Learn if Employees Read your Newsletters

“ We have a good open rate on our newsletter (about 40% out of 1500 email addresses). ”

Jennifer Dickens, The Durango Chamber of Commerce

Use Google Analytics to track viewer interaction and see the statis- tics on how and when your employees engage with your content. • See views, frequency, time sessions per publication (and more). • Check statistics for each separate page of your newsletters. • Analyze the data you receive to improve your content.



FlippingBook Helps you Create Interactive Online Newsletters Available on any Device

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