Columns Monthly - March 2024

Massive pension funds move from stocks to bonds (w 7m audio) – AOF™ Ukraine deep strike takes out Russia’s only west-facing long range anti-ballistic missile radar Perhaps Ukraine just crossed Putin’s nuclear red line U.S. House passes $95 billion bill – $60.8B for Ukraine, $26B Israel, $8.1B Taiwan – Zelenskiy thanks Dem controlled Senate dismisses DHS’s Mayorkas impeachment as to avoid Dem disaster (op) SAMSUNG SPENDING $45 BILLION IN AUSTIN AREA ON (AI) CHIP PRODUCTION 1:00 (Intel spending $100 billion on chip facilities, much in Ohio) Samsung execs shift to 6 days a week – smart operators Cognitive work defers later dementia – A4DP™ UT west campus amenity & room rate details 2024 – TBSAF™ Biden restricts new oil & gas from 13 million reserve acres in Alaska Columns™ March Monthly "When you're good at something, you'll tell everyone. When you're great at something, they'll tell you." – Walter Payton Best viewed in landscape mode on phones. Select a purple column header to leave comments, we read then move them. Our mission is to deliver interesting, unbiased or multiple points of view, “long term important” and machine intelligence news & views. The Columns™ AI Newspaper, USAjobs Inc.- a not-for-profit organization.

Source: OpenAI Sora See to believe Sora AI videos

Source: MarketWatch Jamie Dimon: AI impactful as printing press, electricity, computers, Internet . . . Jamie’s letter says why

UT Austin sacks all DEI staff – it’s Texas law

. . . UT president Hartzell displeased with illegal attempts

Source: Visual Capitalist Know your bank or credit union per cent commercial real estate loans – AOF™

Source: Oppo China beats Apple: full color display glasses, that work! . . . more on the next big thing

BJYLabs™, SUNz™, SpeedO™, LakeTX™, AOF™:

NEWS OF INTEREST, ELON, PROJECTS: Where is your mind Mr. President?! China has expanded into the Caribbean, Antigua & Barbuda


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, AGI, 3AI™ BETA: a16z: Understanding AI By Easy Steps – The AI Canon Try One Yourself – The MIT Brain (AI) Course (1:10s) Stanford’s plain English charts show AI’s status – 3AI™ DAI™ IEEE: 15 graphs of AI’s status Skyrocketing cost of training AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI generated art, ownership, originality, and the future of artistic expression – THE ARTS – AI Theory of planned behaviour and generative AI adoption in higher education – EDUCATION – AI

Source: SVETLOZAR HRISTOV Microplastics move from gut to brain, block micro- capillaries, cause other body illness – A4DP™ Dietary preference change an early Alzheimer’s sign – A4DP™ Obesity-induced cognitive decline – A4DP™ Sugar cravings could be caused by loneliness Alzheimer’s disease progresses faster in people with Down syndrome – A4DP™ Sleeping flushes waste out of the

Source: Microsoft New Microsoft AI turns still photo into talking, singing person that *will* fool you

Source: swns U.S. parades 12 stealth nuclear bombers warning Iran “can strike anywhere, any time” USDA – Texas farming crisis . . . more LakeTX™ will help solve Texas & Mexico water needs, citrus production

Source: Sunman PVTS™ PV Tensile Structures from SUNz™ IEEE: 15 graphs of AI’s status SUNz™ all in on solving home prices & owner satisfaction

Thousands protest against ‘foreign agents’ bill in Georgia

Apple insiders sell shares – AOF™

Canary Islands protests against over-tourism

brain Practical GenAI for better healthcare outcomes – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI Why bottled water can be really, really water can be bad for you – know your source UK considers banning cigarettes for next- generation Source: VIB New mechanism uncovered in early stages of Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Obese and overweight children at risk of iron deficiency Local greenery and low crime rates may reduce dementia risk factors – A4DP™ How I overcame alcohol & other addictions The best way to prevent diabetes type 2 Acute Kidney Injury With Semaglutide^ . . . and avoid these drugs Role of microglia in Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Insomnia may predict drinking in adults – A4DP™ Memory self-test via smartphone can identify early signs of Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™

Building trustworthy legal AI – an open- source approach – LAW – AI Practical GenAI for better healthcare outcomes – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI Leveraging Generative AI for improved investment strategies – BUSINESS – Finance – AI – AOF™ Disruption and innovation: Generative AI in the creative landscape – THE ARTS – AI A multi-faceted look at Generative AI in student life – EDUCATION – AI AI investors and invested may declare AI equal to humans in 2 years – 3AI™ AI for customized experiences – EDUCATION – AI Current research and future applications of generative AI and LLMs – EDUCATION – AI

Source: Stanford Skyrocketing cost of training AI Heat pump design federally & VC funded- SUNz™

Source: Semafor U.S. economy doing very well U.S. and EU eye new sanctions on Iran after attack on Israel

Source: TSMC TSMC begins wafer production in new 2nm Phoenix chip plant

Source: AFP Israel vowed to retaliate against Iran for missile attacks Oil remains at $90 despite geopolitical 3 war risk Gallup: Get your sleep! – many are not Retirement – It’s not your total assets, it’s how much you save and add to savings

Source: Boston Dynamic Boston Dynamics unveils a new robot – you’ll like the video

One (but not the only) method for GenAI design buildings – ARCHITECTURE – AI

SUNz™ As said, higher for longer (w 8m audio) – AOF™ Tesla lays off 10% of world workforce, 15k+ . . . more 20 questions your boss can’t legally ask you – BJYLabs™

Source: InsideEVs Tesla has fixed severe crashing demand once before – ENGINEERING – AI . . . Elon’s plan is true self-driving robotaxis by August 2024 – ENGINEERING – AI WP: Trump would cede Donbas and Crimea to end Ukraine war

Iran’s attack on Israel sparks global fear of major war Iran attacks Israel

Hawaii running out of water, no easy answers U.S. short 232 drugs, first time ever Gallup: What happiness means to our GenZ

(Biden’s original deal – Ed.) Generative AI’s role in the era of “unlimited” misinformation – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI Integrating Generative AI into healthcare practice and governance – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI Using large language models to transform product visibility – BUSINESS – Marketing & Support – AI ChatGPT and generative AI: A new era in medical learning – EDUCATION & MEDICINE– AI Computing curriculum with generative AI – EDUCATION – AI GenAI for virtual financial robo ‐ advisors – – EDUCATION & INVESTING – AOF™ – AI AI is making a mess of criminal law evidence – LAW – AI Jamie Dimon: AI impactful as printing press, electricity, computers, Internet – prompting for human- machine collaborative knowledge construction – ENGINEERING – CS – AI GenAI’s ability to understand human emotions – ENGINEERING – CS – AI BUSINESS – AI Generative AI Using watermarks to detect and attribute AI-generated content – LAW, JOURNALISM, ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI-powered characterization of

Source: Western Digital SD cards to hit 4TB (4,000 GB) soon GenAI wars heat up last weeks, new releases

Source: Justin Sullivan California condos selling for half 2019 prices Arab-Israel axis against Iran is now reality Germany to deliver another Patriot system to Ukraine

Source: Jinchao hou Immunotherapy for Alzheimer’s disease shows promise in mice – A4DP™ Genetic variant defends against Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Higher genetic risk of obesity means working out harder for same results – A4DP™ Source: University of Tokyo Lab-grown brain cells provide insight into how our brains work – A4DP™ Cognitive decline may be detected using network analysis – A4DP™ Brain vesicles found to contain selectively packaged, full-length mRNA – A4DP™ Forget an iPhone or smartphone for your kids, a “feature” phone with texting is just fine, stops addiction and mental illness

Source: Boston Dynamics Boston Dynamics retires its remarkable Atlas robot

Source: Reuters Israel on edge and Iranian retaliation after embassy strike The unstoppable rise of India^ Ukraine’s siege of Crimea has begun 46:46 (see 7:10 & 42:30 in particular – Ed.) America is out of chip workers –™ OJ dies of cancer at 76 Houston does 180, bike lanes & safety replaced by more vehicle capacity

Source: Meta WhatsApp is adding filters to easily find messages – SnApp™ Redfin: 40% of today’s renters may never own a home – SUNz™ The value of Tesla’s AI robotaxis (b 50 cents) Austin’s 11 billionaires, with billionaires in 2024, some surprises – 3AI™ BJY™ 200 World top billionaires – DAI™ Bud Brigham Houston’s 15

Source: EPA Vietnam tycoon sentenced to death in $12bn fraud case Belgium probes Russian interference in EU elections

Source: Meta

Meta AI introduces conversational chatbot on Instagram – SnApp™ Adobe Premiere Pro gets new generative AI

unidentified visuals – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Measuring success: Core metrics for AI- powered healthcare chats – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI How students view generative AI for learning – EDUCATION – AI DALL-E/ChatGPT Merger: seamless image creation and editing – ENGINEERING – CS – GenAI h U.S. House bans Microsoft Copilot AI – GOVERNMENT – AI GenAI for personalized persuasion – COMMUNICATIONS & JOURNALISM – AI Corporate compliance and accountability in the age of generative artificial intelligence – BUSINESS – Management – AI Next-generation HR: Harnessing the power of generative AI for talent management – BUSINESS – Management – AI GenAI and chain-of- thought reasoning (show step by step solutions) – 3AI™ DAI™ – ENGINEERING – CS – AI NVIDA software’s new competition UXL is Intel + Microsoft + Google + Qualcomm San Diego + maybe millions of developers – 3AI™ DAI™ – ENGINEERING – COMPUTER SCIENCE – AI Using GPT for immersive cybersecurity education – EDUCATION – AI

Source: AFP South China Sea – next flashpoint unless China & U.S. reasonable MEDIA PORTRAYS AMERICA AS DIVIDED TO SELL ADS AND CAPTURE EYEBALLS, IT’S THEIR BUSINESS – FACTS ARE DIFFERENT U.S. sends Ukraine seized Iranian-made weapons Canada found China interfered in last two elections

Source: Jesus Madero Perez Human neuron model paves the way for new Alzheimer’s therapies – A4DP™ Untangling the threads of early onset dementia – A4DP™ Deep dive into the genetics of alcohol consumption – A4DP™

Source: Visual Capitalist Warren has been right for 70 years and likely the next 30 at least – AOF™

Source: CNN Taiwan emerges remarkably unscathed after massive earthquake Exercise, activity, sleep and mood – you knew it – A4DP™ . . . study done at UT Austin FDA approves new drug for resistant high blood pressure – first in 40 years Macron says ‘no doubt’ Russia targeting Paris Olympics Ultrasound therapy shows promise as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Stressful events in midlife might be a risk factor for Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ Benefits and risks of data sharing in

Source: InsideEVs Tesla has fixed severe crashing demand once before – ENGINEERING – AI . . . Elon’s plan is true self-driving robotaxis by August 2024 – ENGINEERING – AI . . . more (w Xm audio) . . . Google’s Waymo may win . . . safer than human drivers, 10X is the goal GOOD SLEEP DELAYS ALZHEIMER’S – BILL GAVE $100 MILLION – A4DP™

Source: AFP Biden’s push: Implementing student loan forgiveness ahead of November elections

Source: City of San Diego San Diego’s coming Ocean Beach pier Gold climbs to $2,350 Elon says Tesla to unveil robotaxi Aug 8, 2024

Europe returns to gas, VW EV sales plunge

Source: James Ferguson Japan strengthens U.S. Ties in response to a rising China

Larry Summers: Fed’s next may be rate hike – AOF™ (MW $1)

Elon and Brazil are beefing over X Forbes annual world billionaires list . . . 15 from Houston Scotland’s contentious new hate crime law may impact free speech Erdogan loses Turkey’s municipal elections – changes for NATO Where Ukraine is winning big, really big Columns™ Monthly – February 2024 Flipbook Columns™ Monthly – January 2024 Flipbook Columns™ Monthly – December 2023 Flipbook Columns™ 1 in 50 Putin will use nukes (re Xi) Source: Raffi Berg Resistance among ultra-orthodox Israelis to military service mandates NATO PM: War with Russia could be very soon . . . more Russian Orthodox Church: Ukraine a holy war How memories are selected for preservation Egypt secures $8bn IMF lifeline to

dementia research – A4DP™ STDs in seniors a crisis ALZHEIMER’S CAN SPREAD BY INJECTIONS & TRANSPLANTS – A4DP™ . . . more NO REFINED SUGAR! Hair straighter caused acute kidney failure Gardening, handwriting, drawing, hand-work really good for the brain – A4DP™ Half as good as Ozemoic, 1/30 the price^ Medicare plans now cover Wegovy if heart conditions^ – MW . . . under Part D . . . FDA decision . . . fat to muscle loss is 2:1 with Wegovy . . . building muscle mass while weight loss . . . NIH on building muscle mass – resistance (weight) training . . . suggestions

Claude3 may change your mind about AGI . . . more TikTok decides to launch app to rival Instagram – SnApp™ Google launching paid version of Chrome

Optimizing production with Generative AI: A case study – BUSINESS – Management – AI Simulations made simple: AI transforms text into physics – EDUCATION – AI Responsible AI in the news industry, and strategies – JOURNALISM – CS – AI Generative AI is revolutionizing drug discovery and personalized medicine -MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Generative AI in healthcare – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI Fashion’s new stitch – GAI generative AI for new knit designs – APPAREL – NATURAL SCIENCES – AI Google GenAI tuned for MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI How to teach AI in higher education – EDUCATION – AI Learning reimagined: How AI is reshaping the educational landscape – EDUCATION – AI How AI could be misused to weaponize information – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI

Source: Visual Graphics NVIDIA’s GPU uses & trend

Source: Ehang holdings China’s EHang wins first production certificate for eVTOL air taxi Persistence & Storytelling, the two keys to success – BJYLabs Apps & smartphones are more important than web sites Google’s doing its own AI chips (w __m audio) . . . and datacenter CPUs Pew: Internet history 1989 – 2014 3 letter .com domain values –™ Meta’s launch date for Llama 3 open

Source: AP How to detect fake AI images, otherwise note the image quality Foundations for GenAI in cities –

Source:: Nature Protein Miss-folding in Alzheimer’s Disease to Down Syndrome – A4DP™

source LLM

bolster struggling economy Austin creating more millionaires than any other city – BJYLabs™ . . . more How to bike the solar eclipse^ TX Atty Gen pays $300,000 restitution for felony securities fraud, case to drop in 18 months Elon offers Tesla customers free, all- AI self-driving one month trial Reddit worth $1 billion more than NY Times Trump’s net worth hits $6.5 billion . . . more Where we are with self-driving vehicles Source: AFP Putin threatens to destroy F16’s if Nato supplies Ukraine Colombia orders expulsion of Argentine diplomats Japan eases weapons export rules to sell fighter jets abroad, a way of rearming for China UN: The world wastes more than 1 billion meals every day We don’t have a clue what to teach college students in many fields; colleges must justify cost (op)

GOVERNMENT – CS – AI Validating generative AI adoption for entrepreneurs – BUSINESS – Management – AI Using generative AI in coding education – EDUCATION – AI The Moonshot to map the brain, why it’s important Did OpenAI see AGI? – 3AI™ Did OpenAI see AGI? – ENGINEERING CS – AI The Moonshot to map the brain, why it’s important – NEUROSCIENCE & AI How OpenAI’s store is working . . . details GenAI and achieving human visual quality – ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI-generated content for video marketing and multimedia content – BUSINESS – Marketing & Support – AI ChatGPT for coding error hints – EDUCATION & CODING – AI ENGINEERING – CS – AI Personalized clothing by GenAI – FASHION & CLOTHING – CS – AI Deep learning + LLMs produces creative discoveries, i.e. reasoning – ENGINEERING – CS – AI COGNITION AI CODES A COMPLETE WEBSITE, Generative AI, creatives and copyright –

Source:: Spector Lab Artificial human ear grafts: scientists reach significant milestone Blocking a neural receptor responsible for addiction could reduce alcohol use Dengue rages in Puerto Rico Trazodone slows cognitive decline – A4DP™ How to use mRNA to target Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ New imaging method illuminates oxygen’s journey in the brain – A4DP™ Patients with delirium more likely to develop dementia – A4DP™ Source: UC Davis Health Human brains are getting larger: That may be good news for dementia risk – A4DP™ New treatment target for Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Risk factors for faster aging of the brain – A4DP™ Slowing Parkinson’s with diet, whole plant foods and hydration – A4DP™ Slowing Parkinson’s – work your brain, be

Source: Costco Costco $4,500 ADU, SUNz™ installed I’d bet on Elon’s self-driving – he’s all-in and Tesla is ready – Google’s Waymo already L4 will win also – (op – Ed.) (w 14m audio) The straight path to a six figure job, prosperity and health – SUNz™ Trades & Crafts . . . work, learn, understand, then build your business – BJYLabs™ (w 11m audio) . . . $25,000 “Model 2” may have first become Tesla’s robotaxi . . . more . . . what the Tesla robotaxi is worth (50 cents) – AOF™ Peloton files for bankruptcy OpenAI transcribes YouTube videos to train powerful AI TSMC gets $11.6bn U.S. chip manufacturing boost

social, get plenty of sleep – A4DP™ Slowing Parkinson’s with long-term aerobic exercise, cycling, balance - agility -flexibility – A4DP™ . . . Yale: high intensity exercise may reverse Parkinson’s – A4DP™ . . . more

VIDEO GAME OR APPLICATION – PETER THEIL FUNDED Reuters pursues $8Bn AI professional services rollup – DAI™ WEST’S REGULATION OF AI BEGINS, BUT NOT FOR CHINA & RUSSIA – GOVERNMENT & LAW – AI ChatGPT Vision can help 3D designers – THE ARTS – ENGINEERING – AI GPT – Understanding quantum computing – QAI™ – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Large language models and causal inference in collaboration – ENGINEERING – CS – AI China moves to delete U.S. from its AI, tech & software (w 12m audio) – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Process modeling with large language models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI XpertAI: uncovering model strategies for sub-manifolds – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Monitoring AI- modified content at scale – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI Try Perplexity if none other – ChatGPT v Gemini v Perplexity – 3AI™ BJYLabs . . . a real world test of these 3 GenAI’s near future is focused – education, niche tools, training, coding – 3AI™ BJYLabs – HEALTHCARE BUSINESS EDUCATION 140 of 150 – AI

Source: Yahoo finance Safety causes leadership change, CEO resignation at Boeing China prepares to invade Taiwan while Ukraine war scales up Real estate agents going extinct, for sure – BRS™ Texas is bigger & better than California – LakeTX™ 12:04 Cubans make a few USD a day, they’re truly Hungary, it’s getting worse United Airlines safety questioned by FAA Moscow attack prompts highest terror alert in France Free speech concerns rise in Hong Kong as official links criticism to security law Buying & selling homes going online for sure, little or no commissions – Berkshire Real Services™ . . . the attorney who did it, and how (w 7m audio) . . . real estate commissions by country

Source: Lilium, Joby Flying taxis begin to takeoff JPMorgan: eVTOL & drone market more than $1 trillion by 2040 – Swift™ DAI™ BJYLabs . . . or eVTOLs $1.5 trillion by 2024 . . . Tesla, Honda, Hyundai, AAPL, GOOG, AMZN, NAmericaMade™ – Honda’s Hybrid eVTOL . . . 10 eVTOL innovators

Parkinson’s and stress – A4DP™

New protein variant in mitochondria may counteract Alzheimer’s risk gene – A4DP™ Inconsistent weight may increase risk of cardiovascular disease^ Not just your genes: neighborhood environment may impact risk of Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ Screen time has damaged our children – our grandchildren also? . . . it’s this bad . . . Steve Jobs, Bill Gates (Elon, Zuckerberg & Cuban) knew not to – do you? Elon takes ketamine, here’s the skinny in 60 seconds 300,000 condoms to be handed out at 2024 Paris Olympic Village (w 4m audio)

. . . McKinsey on flying taxis and electric aircraft

Source: KPRC Woodlands, TX best place to buy a house, best place to build one – SUNz™ BJYCommunities Solar panel so cheap they’re used as fences – SUNz™ . . . fences Y Combinator stand- out AI startups – DAI™ BJYLabs™ builds websites in one week Rapid (RapidAPI) lays off 80% of workforce,

Source: Unsplash Novel genetic variants associated

looking for a deal – BJYLabs . . . 40,000 APIs, 4 million devs If your home WiFi is too weak, this works Opera leads the AI way: local AI in your browser

with Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Immune cells identified as key players in brain health – A4DP™ Nutrition and Alzheimer’s disease may be linked – A4DP™ Shingrix vax is dementia protective – A4DP™ Breakthrough: Stem cells grow a new windpipe for S. Korean woman Intermittent fasting can be deadly Eat nuts – we now know how spinal cord & brain myelin is formed The Cures Act: patients get instant test results Root cause of Alzheimer’s may be fat buildup in brain cells – A4DP™ Keto diet slows early Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ Alzheimer’s biomarkers show promise for early diagnosis – A4DP™ Why home clutter is dangerous, causes confusion and even depression Federal Warning: your Social Security funds conditions pass heart disease as #1 killer – A4DP™ Slow speech, not so much finding words, a sign of early dementia – A4DP™ at theft risk Dementia and neurological

Try Perplexity if none other – ChatGPT v Gemini v Perplexity – 3AI™ BJYLabs – HEALTHCARE BUSINESS EDUCATION – AI . . . a real world, interesting test of these 3 Data-Centric Trustworthy AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Large language models predict human memory – COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE – AI Reviewing academic science writing from humans & GenAI – EDUCATION – AI The untrue opinion “nobody knows why GenAI works” – 3AI™ AI finds key signs that predict patient survival across dementia types – A4DP™ – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI Creating photos with AI realism – THE ARTS – AI Accelerate Process Analysis and Modeling with Generative AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Interactive prompt engineering for text- to-image creation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI The $1.5 trillion market replacing really old legacy software – DAI™ BJYLabs (w 8m audio) How to use chatbot context windows How to use ChatGPT’s analysis feature China on GAI for web pages to code progress – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Visual Capitalist Population Density – where we’re packed and aren’t in North America India ditches BRICS WSJ’s credible China v Taiwan war game 10:21 China’s India land grab Lawsuits & fines affecting Apple – AOF™ EU finds way to fund weapons for Ukraine Russia warns EU: don’t use the confiscated $300 billion’s interest Russian oil sanctions finally working, India rejects oil Source: Steve Ueckert / Houston Chronicle How to solve Austin unfunded and over- scheduled police problem (disregard the article headline) Here’s the timeline Austin might experience to solve it’s dangerous understaffed APD . . . more (disregard the headline)

Source: MetLife Warren said he could make 50% a year with “small” amounts of money – AOF™ Every federal agency ordered to create CAIO – BJYFederal, 3AI™, 3k600 Home prices soar, incomes stagnate – SUNz™ and BJYCommunities a solution NAR controls almost all home listings – head sexually harasses – BRS™ Time to reduce your homeowner’s insurance cost, Florida, Texas, wherever^ Intuit & TurboTax AI will replace bookkeepers and low end accountants as overseas workers could not – 3AI™ Latinos our most prolific entrepreneurs – (w 8m audio) BJYLabs™ Single fiber data transmission 4.5 millions faster than home Internet achieved 2020 avg Austin home prices up from $400k to $540k today – Tiny

& ADU homes needed – SUNz™ Home Depot (465,000 emp.) goes after contractors, trades, crafts in $18.25 billion bet – SUNz™ BJYmep Rotating detonation hypersonic engines – Swift™ . . . made in Houston . . . DARPA funded Apple no longer on Berkshire’s permanent hold list – AOF™ Corporate goals and data centers stress the grid and generation – SUNz™ mitigates Apple & RCS message support – SnApp™ Quick primer on China’s EVs Credible, insightful review of China’s economy in transition not decline – AOF™ . . . a more pessimistic view HYUS Halliburton Young Utility Services™ and safe nuclear power (w 4m audio) Reuters Daily Audio Podcast For Apple Users New York Times Front Page Wall Street Journal Front Page

Brace for cascading Texas blackouts – ERCOT executives should be fired (op) – SUNz™ Russia declares invasion of Ukraine a ‘war’ Bosnia and Herzegovina to begin talks to join EU bloc

Zebrafish discovery could speed testing of motor neuron disease and dementia treatments – A4DP™ Healthy diet is linked with a slower pace of aging, reduced dementia risk – A4DP™ Too little sleep raises risk of type 2 diabetes Evidence exercise prevents depression 4:12 – A4DP™ Study: playing with your dog – better mood, mental sharpness, healthful – A4DP™ Neurological conditions now leading cause of ill health and disability globally – A4DP™ Risvodetinib slows Parkinson’s progression^ – A4DP™ NIH: CKD 4, 5 progression not made worse by acetaminophen or aspirin Molecular alterations in brain tissue and blood of people who committed suicide Shedding new light on brain calcification – A4DP™ Ultra-processed foods & abnormal brain health – A4DP™

10+ major universites (not UT) on limiting GenAI WMD info – GOVERNMENT & EMGINEERING – CS – AI Esoteric questions about GAI “background” reasoning – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Anthropic (Google, Amazon, SalesForce backed) debuts highly competitive new AI with image & doc uploads – 3AI™ Human stupidity a far greater threat than AI – 3AI™ AI-bridged scalable personalization for creative language arts^ – THE ARTS – AI Open-domain planning representations from texts – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Navigating the generative AI landscape – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Reuters Trump likely to get $3 billion of collateral to satisfy $450 million NY judgment . . . more Texas will achieve its immigration goals (op) (w 9m audio) Warren’s Berkshire Hathaway sued in real estate commission lawsuit (w 4m audio)^ Nuclear power essential, safe and cost effective to reach climate & clean air goals SO YOU PLAN TO BE A REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER – UCSD DEGREE . . . Rice online course . . . some recognized options . . . UT Austin . . . 9 UT Austin courses

Disentangling representations of retinal images with generative models - MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Implications of generative AI for news media – JOURNALISM & ENGINEERING – CS – AI Categorical Foundations of Generative AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

. . . Wharton certification . . . UTSA REDev degree

Source: MD Anderson WHOLE PLANT FOODS FOR HEALTH & WELLNESS . . . WPFs reduce cancer risk

. . . Cornel online REDev certificate, and all courses

Source: Ashley Mackin- Solomon La Jolla’s 1,000 acre UCSD coastal reserve – BJYLabs

. . . WPFs protect kidneys^ . . . WPFs reduce heart disease . . . Mayo: WPFs and whole grains, protein . . . Cleveland Clinic on WPFs Earlier diagnosis and potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Middle-age obesity may be caused by changes in the shapes of neurons in the brain – A4DP™ Gene involved in neuronal vulnerability in Alzheimer’s disease – Dengue fever ravages Brazil, world should take notice Anti-amyloid medications helps early stage Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ A4DP™ …More

Source: Axios U.S. hits new low in World Happiness Index – no trivial issue China, Mexico & Vietnam importing & distribution

Source: Black Math CarryOn™ length – SpeedO™

PHEV plugin hybrid electric vehicles will be big – SUNz™ home battery U.S. House bans Microsoft Copilot AI Tesla drops 1/3 in 1Q24 – AOF™ . . . more on why (w 4m audio) Microsoft: CoPilot AI to run on PCs and cloud . . . Snapdragon? Has Sam over-hyped himself? Congress bans staff use of Microsoft’s AI Copilot Microsoft & OpenAI plan $100 billion datacenter GenAI and chain-of- thought reasoning (show step by step solutions) – 3AI™ DAI™ Hail destroys thousands of Texas solar panels – SUNz™ Armadillo™

Sources: UCSD, iStock, Stanford 3AI™ & BJYLabs online at UCSD, MIT, Stanford UT Austin passes $1 billion of research expenditures UT Austin selected for NSF advanced AI supercomputers for AI researchers and students – 3AI™ National Science Foundation AI research launch UT ‘Year of AI’ prof recruiting – McCombs School of Business, Cockrell School of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts and College of Natural Sciences (140 of 150 UT fields of study – Ed.) – 3AI™ Why UT Masters of Science in AI is important . . . more Retrieval-augmented generation for AI- generated content – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Digital watermarks are not ready for large language models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Early AI Detection and Localization of

Sources: Visual Capitalist

Sources: Visual Capitalist Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise – and note Ukraine Texas will achieve its immigration goals (op) What’s really going to happen to 2 million real estate agents – Berkshire Real Services™ Trump unable to post $464 million civil fraud case bond, asset seizures likely Supreme Court blocks Texas immigrate

Source: Cell Reports Mutations in hereditary Alzheimer’s disease damage neurons without ‘usual suspect’ amyloid plaques – A4DP™ New way to detect brain changes associated with Alzheimer’s risk – A4DP™


Ray-Ban smart glasses get a boost with meta’sAI integration

arrest law

Obesity associated with poorer mental health, especially in women New finding: lysergide d-tartrate single dose resolves 48% of anxiety disorder patients for 12 weeks, reduces depression – more than double today’s therapies – 4ADP™ Viagra may be an Alzheimer’s treatment – A4DP™ AI finds key signs that predict patient survival across dementia types – A4DP™ Blood mutations increase risk for acute kidney injury^ Social determinants of health & increased Alzheimer’s risk – A4DP™ DBS “discovered” to resolve Parkinson’s, Tourettes and OCD – A4DP™ Source: CFP More than one billion now afflicted by obesity: Lancet Understanding dementia’s lucid episodes – A4DP™ Language barriers could contribute to higher aggression in people with dementia – A4DP™ Poor spatial navigation precedes early Alzheimer’s, VR detected – A4DP™ CDC: new Seniors vax recommendation

Tumor -MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Tim Dunn, a Texian to know – 3AI™ . . . more Introduction to visual-language model – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Large scale generative AI text applied to sports and music – THE ARTS – ATHLETICS – AI Conversational brain- artificial intelligence interface – COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE – AI AI jobs: AI Nurse, Precision Farming, Restorations, Virtual Tourism & Booking, more – BJYLabs™ Ultra-realistic voice is here – think about it – ENGINEERING – AI VCs funded $34.8 billion for space & defense in 2023 up from 2017’s $7.7 billion – 3AI™ DAI™ Ultra-realistic voice is here – think about it – ENGINEERING – AI Bringing generative AI to adaptive learning in education – EDUCATION – AI Generative AI for genetics and bioinformatics research – GENETICS & MEDICINE – AI America’s all-in AI AGI bet on our Magnificent 7 – 3AI™ AOF™ LangChain for LLM application development Interaction of creative writers with

Source: Mark Lennihan/AP EPA RELEASING $20 BILLION TO FUND SOLAR & EFFICIENCY PROJECTS, AND ANOTHER $7 BILLION COMING – SUNz™ UFCU et al Where to get it Why you can’t trust some Chinese financial statements

Source: Visual Capitalist In such matters Warren is almost always right – AOF™

Source: AP Brazil police accuse Bolsonaro of fraud in vaccine records Canada to stop arms sale to Israel No-driver Waymo cars on AZ freeways & coming to downtown Austin – we’ll know soon (w full podcasts)

Visual Capitalist You might be doing far better than you thought

Source: BBC European flying car technology sold to China – Scaling Swift™ SUNz™ teams with (data centers) to block higher consumer electric bills in TX, CA, FL, South (w 6m audio) Why you want an V2H & V2G EV – SUNz™ . . . details, SUNz™ suggests only LFP batteries

Source: Visual Capitalist How the stock market works in USD, who always makes money

Source: Tech report

. . . for example, Hyundai’s V2H V2G products India ascends to global bond market – AOF™ Stocks are heavily overvalued – AOF™ Warren warns GenZ investors, sums up investing success in a few words – AOF™ How well Google does search vs Perplexity, Copilot & What to know about home EV charging – SUNz™ NVIDIA software’s new competition UXL is Intel + Microsoft + Google + Qualcomm San Diego + maybe millions of developers – 3AI™ DAI™ WhatsApp users in EU face account suspension Google confirms RCS is coming to iOS this fall – SnApp ™

SpaceX Is Building a Federal-Military Satellite Network for U.S.

Long Covid blood markers and therapies CSF biomarker divergence for Alzheimer disease – A4DP™ Link between adversity and psychiatric, cognitive decline – A4DP™ BPA exposure linked to gut microbiota, childhood obesity Ketamine for depression, loneliness – A4DP™ Albert Einstein School of Medicine tuition drops from $60k to zero (w 4m audio) . . . $1 billion donation New clues of silent changes to the Alzheimer’s brain – A4DP™ Amirillo sky orange, Texas wildfire 1.1 million acres, 3% contained Friday pm Male’s Y chromosome declined from 900 to 55 genes while X remains 900 – are men toast? Weed increases risk of heart attack, stroke Avid appetite in childhood linked to later eating disorders

AI-powered writing tools – THE ARTS – AI Generative AI for low-resource & bespoke design challenges – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Xavier Collin RFKJr to pick Sergey Brinn’s attorney ex wife Nicole Shanahan as VP What will happen to our city office buildings . . . the delay (w 5m audio) . . . want immediate employment . . . exodus from college WSJ on Elon v Sam Altman & OpenAI lawsuit . . . Elon has public opinion on his side Govt money, or not, for Texas low cost but desirable housing (w 7m audio) Apple’s new iPads should arrive March 26 Source: Sun Putin wins Russian election with no serious competition Pakistan launches cross-border attacks into Afghanistan BYD, ahead of Tesla, pushing 1,200 mile range PHEV . . . BYD prices are amazing, industry

Source: a16z AI prosperity: Creativity &

Productivity, Health Wellness & Personal Growth, Companionship & Social Lower rates alone won’t fix housing, it also takes trades & crafts, far more efficient design & construction – SUNz™ BJYCommunities . . . how – construction efficiency . . . a few low cost home types Five Strategies to Enhance Take-Over Quality in Automated Driving – ENGINEERING – CS – AI – Automony Prompt to create interactive VR scenes – ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI for deep fake speech recognition – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Enhancing programming error messages in real-time with generative AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI An empirical assessment of four AI-based code assistants – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Digit Facebook spied on Snapchat users – SnApp™ Amazon completes $4 billion investment in Anthropic AI

Source: Jered Gruber The great adventure, wellness and social machine – SpeedO™ Bikes

Real Estate commission cut /elimination boon to builders, SUNz™, LakeTX™ and Berkshire Real Services™ Buy a new $28,700 Chevy Bolt EUV for $9,300 in California – SUNz™ Glamping – you might really like it – SUNz™ USDA funds rugged, reliable swarm-drones – Swift.1™ 35mm bike tires just as fast as 26mm – SpeedO™ China blocks Intel & AMD chips in govt computers

standard warranty

Prompt influence on automated method generation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI UT Moody College: So you think AI’s not transforming America? – 3AI™ The world’s most influential opinions on AI AI threatens to overtake college degrees – 3AI™ DHS hiring 50 AI experts – GOVERNMENT – AI IMF: AI the fourth industrial revolution – ECONOMICS – AI Feds: AI and algorithms cannot be used to deny Medicare Advantage care – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI . . . the document & details FCC: AI generated robocall voices illegal – COMMUNICATIONS – AI Effects of iterative prompting on truthfulness – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Potentialities and limitations of agent- based simulations – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Generative AIparadox on evaluation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Google AI is now Gemini, Bard and Duet gone – 3AI™ Sign up for Google Labs AI, and 5 AI uses – 3AI™ Google rebranding Bard AI into Gemini

Source: WP Don’t count on the U.S. power grid – SUNz™ . . . expect power outages CRE – “We’re not going to see a lot of commercial construction in the economy for a decade or two.” Homeowners insurance up sharply in Florida, condo sales plummet

. . . latest 6:00 am Friday UT: orgasm rewires brain for lifetime bond Divided, toxic and outraged U.S. culture is social media algorithm and manipulative news driven (op) . . . more Social media and messaging without toxic algorithms – SnApp™ & NaDa™ DMP, Apple’s iMessage & iCloud email , Step 1 Step 2 – Siri ads Texas Panhandle 23 wildfires uncontrolled, 1 million acres, 60+ counties, Oklahoma, Pantex nuclear facility shut – BJYFederal™ . . . more France to make abortion a constitutional right More schooling is linked to slowed aging and increased longevity Tiny magnetic particles in air pollution linked to development of Alzheimer’s – A4DP™

Source: Nissan Nissan EV prices to match gas cars by 2030 (not competitive) EU opens investigations into Apple, Google and Meta, counters U.S. interests

Elon issues simple, true warning – STOP OVERSPENDING, up to who you elect & petition

Source: One take news Will AI be the next blockbuster director? OpenAI meets Hollywood?

Resistant starch found to support weight loss

Source: AP German, French and Polish leaders hold

emergency meeting on Ukraine [U.S. expects appropriate action – Ed.]

Multi-line AI- assisted code authoring –

ENGINEERING – CS – AI Systematic evaluation of visual GenAI model outputs – ENGINEERING – CS – AI “Harm” amplification in text-to-image models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI This AI search engine better than Google ‘Nightshade’ tool poisons AI artwork & images – ARTS & JOURNALISM – AI AI voice generator: realistic text-speech & voice cloning – BUSINESS – Management – AI Searching conceptual architecture prompts using evolution – ARCHITECTURE – AI Blueprint for logic- based approaches – ENGINEERING – CS – AI So you think AI won’t pass human intelligence soon – Google makes stunning AI reasoning progress 6:50 – 3AI™ DAI™


Source: SpaceX Elon’s Starship ready to go again

2024 IONIQ 6 SE lease $0 down, $239/mo., 2 yr, (no $7,500 federal rebate) . . . more . . . 2024 Ioniq 6 specifications

Source: CorPower NREL Denver: wave power is coming . . . UK targets 27GWs of wave power

Source: Weatherbell Dallas hits 94 in Feb, breaks heat record Google Pay shutting down, replaced by Google Wallet Silent brain changes precede Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ Abdominal fat depots can impact brain health and cognition – A4DP™ Running won’t necessarily help you lose weight, but it does prevent weight gain Texas victim resources up to $50,000, 30-60 days . . . summary of Texas victims services – A4DP™ . . . Texas DPS summary, victim employment services . . . new law comes into effect . . . Texas services cannot be denied for mental health – A4DP™ Texas Medicaid eligibility for those under 65 – A4DP™

Source: AP How to detect fake AI images, otherwise note the image quality Google ordered to reveal who watched which videos You decide if Apple played unfairly If you have an Apple M1 or M2 in a cluster, you’ve a major security problem

Source: Pedro Szekely Cuban Controversy WEST’S REGULATION OF AI BEGINS, BUT NOT FOR OR BY CHINA & RUSSIA [fatal? – Ed.] Try TEMU – it’s difficult to believe the deals 7:53 Russia on China’s nukes plan

Injection molded polyamide carbon fiber, Nalle Nanocarbon™ reinforced bike frames – SpeedO™

Source: Tom’s Generative AI leaders, Google Bard Gemini Pro upgrade matches ChatGPT Pro CognitiveOS AI helps robots execute complex plans more transparently – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Learning towards conversational AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: AP New Palestinian PM offers little hope for change U.S.-Hungary relationship reaches a new low North America should move at light speed to integrate its

Source: BYD $10,000 30kwh BYD Seagull EV puts global auto execs, politicians on edge

Facebook trying to make ‘poking’ cool again

allies hemisphere (op)

. . . Texas Medicaid eligibility assistance, one of many . . . defined federal /HHS disabilities – A4DP™ . . . defined Texas disabilities – A4DP™ . . . acquired mental injury includes anxiety, PTSD and related conditions

An innovative library for customizable

textual data preparation –

CHIPS Act stalls over its load of DEI pork U.S. House to TikTok – sell or close in U.S. TikTok ban turns red hot U.S. preps new Ukraine weapons package Federal Judge: federal agencies must serve whites also – BJYLabs . . . more 2022 – U.S. fully prepares for Russian nuke strike in Ukraine 2023 – U.S. stops Ukraine war funding 2024 – Think about it The next world war, how close we came in 2022 to nuclear destruction 6:47 Elon’s genius: Tesla & The Boring Co. will surprise, whoever you are 14:02 SUNz™ Homes – the American dream is not dead Cuban goods and services are almost free in dollars o GAI coding o migration o GAI workers True insight into today’s housing market 3:49 Goldman Sachs to resume commercial property investment in U.S. Putin warns the West: Russia is ready for nuclear war

ENGINEERING – CS – AI Business AI adoption slowed to crawl by able or skilled employees – 3AI™ AI business adoption slowed to crawl by knowledgeable or skilled employees empowered multi-robot systems – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Design principles for generative AI applications – ENGINEERING – CS – AI GenAI and smart vision for building and construction – ARCHITECTURE /AEC – AI Generative AI, a prediction machine [reasons as we do – Ed.] – 3AI™ DAI™ GAI diagnostic reasoning matches practitioners – 3AI™ – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI dearth – 3AI™ Generative AI- Omen for undesirable Generative AI outputs — ENGINEERING – CS – AI Understanding large- scale urban landscapes – ARCHITECTURE – AI AI assessment scale for ethical GenAI assessment – EDUCATION – AI

Source: Evan Agostini MacKenzie Scott donates $640 million to 361 non-profits MacKenzie Scott’s open call for $250 million to 250 community-focused non-profits, $1M to $5M budgets – SUNz™ Affordables To whom and how much MacKenzie Scott has donated MacKenzie donated $436 million for affordable homes – SUN™ U.S. SUES APPLE FOR iPHONE MONOPOLY Reddit shares (RDDT) up 38% in first trading day – AOF™ Source: Intel Intel gets $8.5B in CHIP grants, says will spend $100B Intel announces $36B Hillsborough, OR chip facilities . . . the discussion . . . and on Reddit TSMC also to spend $100B on new chip plants, but over 3 years – the dialog ProCare™ – prompt federal, state and local care for the

Source: Weatherbell It’s warm, it’s Spring many places Mexican cartel killers: Caribbean resorts dangerous, no longer off limits, rules have changed

Source: Downdetector U.S. HIT WITH MASSIVE AT&T CELLULAR FAILURE – SOLAR FLARE OR CYBER ATTACK? . . . more Older folks really love VR, who’d of thought, here’s why – A4DP™ Cell engineering team links cancer drug to potential therapy for Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Microbiome studies explore why more women develop Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™

elderly and abused in 254 Texas counties SUNz™ ADUs & Homes Trades & Crafts pre- apprentice programs in 214 of 254 Texas counties – USAjobs^ & 3AI™ Pro Bono dental care for K-6, challenged young adults and non- profit volunteers in Texas – BJYProCare™ K-6 education in 214 of Texas 254 counties – 3AI™ The Moonshot to map the brain, why it’s important Source: Terrapower Bill Gates building first new-tech nuclear power plant – Halliburton Young Nuclear Utility Systems™ . . . Terrapower’s primary vendors Flood of imports from China means expansion here of V2X EVs, solar, appliances, even bike parts and distribution – SUNz™ AI masters – Apple + Google How OpenAI’s store is working . . . details Apple becomes serious about AI with advanced reasoning – will it be “others first but Apple best” again? – 3AI™ DAI™

Drug repairs systems that remove Alzheimer’s-causing waste from the brain – A4DP™

Source: GM Chevy got the Blazer EV right, drops price, full $7,500 federal credit

Source: CDC Where Long Covid has settled in

Source: DW Ukraine war changing global arms trade (and building Russian industry) Gartner (and Cathie Wood): EVs cheaper than ICE by 2027 Elon’s border warning 6:27 6/6 Texas Women’s Basketball whoops Kansas 76-60, advances in big 12 India signs $100bn free trade deal with four European nations China sends harsh but appropriate message to struggling and failing property developers Source: Drudge Report Megan Kelly on Matt Drudge (start at 1:40:48)^ . . . Finding Matt Drudge – “Power” (podcast 26min) . . . Audible: the rise of Drudge Report (free) . . . How Matt Drudge stays on top^ . . . Joseph Curl, Drudge’s first editor . . . Wiki backgrounder


Source: Visual Capitalist Well vetted GAI & AI tools – 3AI™ NEJM: Clinical algorithms and AI “data shift” – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI ChatGPT in Finance: Assessing the Benefits and Challenges for Financial Institutions – BUSINESS – Finance – AI Modeling financial time-series with generative adversarial networks – BUSINESS – Finance – AI Power of Edge-Cloud Generative AI in Mobile Networks – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

DBS brain “pacemaker” may reduce depression – A4DP™ Sleep and mental health – A4DP™ (nyt$) Sleep improves ability to recall complex events – A4DP™ . . . More. Blocking key protein may halt progression of alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Cognitive benefits seen two years after bariatric surgery – A4DP™ Why syphilis is surging

Rolling Stone on privatization of Medicare

Source: Business Insider Sal Khan - AI for Education

The top 6 in AI How AI & AGI is transforming Healthcare & Medicine, Education & Business – 3AI™ and BJY™ Healthcare: . . . NIH: . . . Education: . . . more . . . even more . . . Business – Sales & support, logistics; finance, banking & accounting; information, securities analysis, data, statistics, actuaries, operations analysis: . . . more . . . Harvard: Pros and cons of ChatGPT for finance and banking – BUSINESS – Finance – AI Enhancing fraud detection models with synthetic data – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Hotel managers’ perceptions towards the use of automation – HOSPITALITY & BUSINESS – Management – AI Samsung phones go all-in with GAI (w 7m audio) OpenAI (ChatGPT) partners with Arizona State in Phoenix – 3AI™ – EDUCATION – AI Generative AI in customer and user (UX) experience – BUSINESS – Marketing & Support – AI Innorvations in Generative AI and

. . . Charles Hurt, Drudge Report editor^ . . . Daniel Halper, Drudge Report editor Macron’s leadership could stop Putin’s takeover of Europe [as Germany mulls reconciliation – Ed.]

Source: Unsplash Risk of dementia after mouth herpes simplex virus – A4DP™ Risk of dementia nearly three times higher the first year after a stroke – A4DP™ Protein-rich breakfast is found to boost satiety and concentration – A4DP™ Neural prosthetic devices can help humans restore memory – A4DP™ Oxytocin holds the key to your memory – A4DP™ Erectile dysfunction drugs may be linked to reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ “Atlantic diet” can help your cholesterol and shrink your waistline Quitting smoking at any age brings big health benefits, fast Immune genes are altered in Alzheimer’s patients’ blood – A4DP™ . . . more ERCOT must deliver fully reliable power to Texas – here’s what happened Benzodiazepine withdrawal treated with flumazenil^ . . . more on withdrawal

Source: Skydrive Suzuki begins production of flying cars OpenAI’s video generator Sora might allow nudity Perplexity v Google Search – surprising! . . . why Jeff Bezos backs Perplexity AI search . . . Perplexity valuation jumps from $508M to $1B Do the math – U.S. debt payments are unsustainable, which means . . . AOF™ Cuba as the 51st state: free elections, tourism, medical-biotech AI universities, USDA, solar, Japanese K-6 education & BJYLabs Samsung to get $6 billion, TSMC $5 billion of CHIPS act funds to make world’s most advanced chips in U.S GenZ is disillusioned, BJYLabs offers a rewarding path forward (w 14m audio) Austin homes continue steep decline La Jolla Planned District master plan guide^ You decide if La Jolla’s leaders have the best plans

Europe’s cool conservative youthquake

Source: Politico TikTok warns of total ban in the U.S. after decisive vote fast- tracked Medicare & Social Security are $175 trillion bankrupt – fix is state initiated federal elections, write your Senators and Representatives! Wall St. retreats from DEI Massive new infrastructure money drives India’s growth (w 4m audio) . . . India’s 8.4% growth . . . way ahead Lawsuits claim Texas Panhandle wildfire started by Xcel (Minn., MN) power equipment . . . more on Xcel Energy, 1.2 million acres burned

. . . comprehensive guide . . . NIH Syphilis surges, most since 1950 Japan’s Eisai rolling out new, proven drug Leqembi effective for early Alzheimer’s, already U.S. available, sees hugh growth – A4DP™ . . . Eli Lilly’s (Indianapolis) similar Alzheimer’s drug donanemab Source: Richard J. Green /NYTimes Syphilis Soaring . . . “out of control” epidemic Vision abnormalities, distance judgment, driving route confusion are strong Alzheimer’s signs – posterior cortical atrophy – A4DP™ again Lighting up Alzheimer’s-related proteins to allow for earlier disease detection – A4DP™ Odors prompt certain brain cells to make decisions Long and irregular work hours may impair sleep, affect brain health – A4DP Zero cervical cancer with vaccine Will CRSPR treat genetic anxiety disorder? – A4DP™ Innovative Genomics Institute

bludprints for private Large Language Models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Generative AI platforms for narriative intelligence and writing self-efficacy – EDUCATION – AI Why the Rabbit r1 “Large Action Model” is important, not a toy but looks like one for now – 3AI™ Zuckerberg & Meta join the race for AGI – DAI™ 3AI™ Generative AI Risk Management Strategies – BUSINESS – Management – AI Effects of Generative Chatbots in Higher Education – EDUCATION – AI ChatGPT performs well as a fertility counseling tool, with limitations – MEDICINE & HEALTHCAARE, EDUCATION – AI GAI Test Record Where Google AI is already better than doctors – MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI AI can be easily trained to deceive Sam says AGI won’t change the world much – don’t believe him (op, Ed.) Microsoft Copilot top AI update – ENGINEERING – CS – American AI . . . More Public perception of generative AI on Twitter – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: AFP U.S. Embassy in moscow warns of ‘imminent’ terrorist attack India raids network sending citizens to fight for Russia

Source: Zoox Amazon’s Zoox tries to keep up with rival Waymo

Source: Paige Fusco EU proposes major defense boost as it eyes Russia and Trump

Source: Brandon Bell 1,000 Dollar Tree stores to close – Rewards™ stores? (w 5m audio) . . . more . . . more important stuff Porsche Taycan Turbo GT v Tesla S Plaid v Lucid Air – it’s a no brainer Of 14 self-driving vehicles, only Lexus wins . . . more . . . Altman: AI’s future depends on a power breakthrough

Source: Brandon Bell Austin Texas Republicans want to remove property taxes

Source: Ford Ford halts F-150 Lightning shipments It’s an error to think a U.S. economy meltdown is impossible Nuclear power is back, congressional 365 to 36 vote – HYNUS Haliburton Young Nuclear Utility Services™ . . . Congress on nuclear – the Act, and scope [only 3 new NPPs since 1996 – Ed.]

Source: Instant electrical money rebates may change when or how you go solar or

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