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September 2018

What Will You Do With the $50 We Save You This Month? What I Am About to Say Is Going to Save You Over $50 in Groceries

MANAGERS Store Manager: David Rosario

Assistant Store Manager: John Colberg Jr.

so that we could pay the lowest prices possible and pass the savings on to you. Our primary goal is to have everything you could possibly need for the fall season and upcoming holidays at COMPETITIVE PRICES. Our managers and staff have been working hard to unload trucks and set up displays with the freshest, lowest-priced goods so that you have a terrific shopping experience at Foodtown and Freshtown. You are counting on us to provide everything you need to feed your family at competitive prices, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. We are grateful for your business. Columbus Day is one of the first holidays right around the corner, so we've focused on having great deals for you on Italian foods such as pasta, pasta sauce, canned tomatoes, olive oil, and so much more. You will see all these items on sale and on display at great prices in the weekly flyer. Halloween is next, and there will be no shortage of candy displays for the kids at low prices. The fall season is perfect for getting back into a routine with the family and having dinner together, and we appreciate the fact that you choose Foodtown and Freshtown for everything your family needs. Get Free Groceries Last but not least, please remember to use your points. You are earning 10 points for every dollar you spend with your club card. You can then redeem your points for FREE and discounted groceries. Any of our team members will be happy to show you the items you can get for free. There are copies of the Free Items sheet at the courtesy booth.

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On Page 3 of this newsletter, there are coupons that total over $50 in savings. I wanted this to be the first thing I discussed in this month’s newsletter. You're counting on us for a lot of things: keeping a clean, courteous, well-stocked store; great deals and sale items; fantastic variety; a friendly atmosphere; and more. But one of the most important things you need from us is help making sure your food dollars go as far as possible. That’s why we are sending you this newsletter with all these coupons and deals. Please take a close look at Page 3 and use these coupons over the next three weeks. Remember that not all of our shoppers receive this newsletter. We send it to you because you are one of our best customers, and we appreciate you! I enjoy hearing from you. When you use the coupons on Page 3 of this flyer, you can save over $50. I would love to hear from you about how this helped you or listen to any feedback you might have about the store. So many customers have sent me emails about our wonderful staff and our stores, and I would love nothing more than to hear from you as well. What will you do with the $50 you save this month? I want to know! This newsletter is designed to help you get more out of our store and to help you save more money. I would like to take a brief moment to let you know how hard our buyers and managers have been working to purchase goods and create deals for you for the fall season and holidays. We have been to several extensive grocery-buying shows over the past few months. At those conventions (and in our offices), we have had countless meetings with manufacturers of all sizes, and we have bought truckloads and truckloads of goods

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