Foodtown - September 2018


It’s no secret that online shopping is here to stay. Just about everyone in town has ordered something off the internet. Most of these websites are huge mega- companies based outside our community with warehouses in other parts of the country and even overseas. These companies do not employ people from our community, and they certainly don’t give back to our local nonprofits and organizations the way Foodtown and Freshtown does. Also, when you buy from those large companies, your goods are picked and shipped by strangers in big warehouses, so you never know who is selecting your items. Not so at Foodtown and Freshtown! In our store, when you shop online, we assign a PERSONAL SHOPPER to your order who works in YOUR LOCAL STORE. They will go up and down the aisles and select your groceries as though you were selecting them yourself. If something is out of stock, your Personal Shopper will call you or text you (whichever you prefer) to see if you would like to substitute another item. These Personal Shoppers will get to know you, and you can feel good about the fact that LOCAL PEOPLE are being employed through our online shopping service. This is a crucial point. We ask that you give our shopping service at a try so that we

can continue to create jobs via the online world — local jobs that support our community. Prices Online Are The Same As In The Store Keep something else in mind. The prices we charge online are the same prices that we charge in the store. All of our sale prices, great deals, competitive holiday buys, and more are priced the same when you shop online at Foodtown and Freshtown. This is not the case for many other companies. In fact, you can even bring up our weekly flyer right on your computer screen and click the items to add them right to your shopping cart. This is probably the easiest way to save money on your weekly grocery bill. Let Us Do All That Heavy Lifting! and Freshtown, like jugs of soda, 24-packs of water, heavy canned goods, and laundry detergent? This is your starting point when you shop online. Let our Personal Shoppers do all that heavy lifting for you. Just put the items in your online shopping cart, check out, and send the order to us. Your Personal Shoppers are looking forward to doing your shopping and making your life easier. We deliver from most stores, but we You know those really heavy things you buy at Foodtown

also offer pickup services; you just pull up in your car, call us, and we will come out and load your vehicle. How easy is that? Please try it! As an added incentive to give our online personal shopping service a try, please use the below OFFER CODE to take $20 off your next order of $50 or more PLUS no shopping service or delivery fee (limit 1 offer). That’s a huge savings, but it’s only good through October 31st. Please go to, select your local Foodtown or Freshtown store, and give the service a try. Your Personal Shopper is standing by, waiting to do all that heavy lifting and make your life easier. 20 $ off Offer valid only at this newsletter’s online store location. Total purchase excludes tax and discounts. Limit one (1) per customer. Expires 10/31/18 Enter Code at checkout SAVE20 when you spend $50 or more on a single online order at plus, no delivery or service fee ($9.99 value)

Above Offer Includes NO DELIVERY FEE Total Value of $29.99 ACT NOW... Offer Expires 10/31/18

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