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3M ™ Littmann ® Stethoscopes feature adjustable headsets with soft-sealing eartips. Select Littmann stethoscopes are designed with tunable technology to give you the ability to hear different frequency sounds by simply adjusting the pressure applied to the chestpiece. Get the reliable acoustic performance, high quality and comfort you need with a Littmann stethoscope. Choose the right stethoscope to help you perform at your best.




Classic II Pediatric and Infant Stethoscopes

Classic III ™ Monitoring Stethoscope

Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope

Master Cardiology ™ Stethoscope

CORE Digital Stethoscope

Cardiology IV ™ Diagnostic Stethoscope

Master Classic II ™ Stethoscope

Ideal for taking blood pressure readings and making limited patient assessments.

Hard-working, dependable, clinical tools for physical assessment and monitoring of your patients, one long shift after another.

Provides outstanding acoustic sensitivity to help you perform detailed diagnostic auscultation. Useful in challenging and critical care environments.

High-performance auscultation. Hear more with amplification, noise cancellation and mobile connectivity.

Approximate Length





22"/56cm, 27"/69cm 27"/68cm


Approximate Weight


105g, 95g



167g, 177g




2 years

3 years

3 years

5 years

7 years

7 years

2 years



Non-Tunable (Floating)


Tunable (2)

Tunable (2)


Tunable (2)

Approximate Chestpiece Diameter

Double-sided 2.0 x 1.8"/5.2 x 4.5cm 1.4 x 1.3"/3.5 x 3.2cm

Double-sided Pediatric 1.4"/3.4cm 1.1"/2.7cm Infant 1.1"/2.8cm 0.7"/1.7cm

Single-sided 1.7"/4.3cm

Double-sided Adult side 1.7"/4.3cm Pediatric side 1.4"/3.4cm

Double-sided Adult side 1.7"/4.3cm Pediatric side 1.4"/3.4cm

Single-sided 1.9"/4.8cm

Double-sided Adult side 1.7"/4.3cm Pediatric side 1.4"/3.4cm


Teardrop-shaped chestpiece Fits under blood pressure cuff

Specially designed for the smallest patients

Designed for easier grip and maneuvering

Convertible open bell

Convertible open bell Dual-lumen tubing

Dual-lumen tubing Best acoustic response in Littmann mechanical line

Up to 40x amplification* Switch from analog listening to digital Connects to Eko software on a smart device** to capture, store and share data

The power to learn, in the palm of your hand. 3M ™ Littmann ® Learning App – Download free version in the App Store ® or Google Play Store ®

*At peak frequency, vs. analog mode **Not included

Need more help? Visit

1-800-228-3957 |

3M ™ Littmann ® Stethoscope Ordering Information and Tube Color Guide

Lightweight II SE Stethoscope

Classic II Infant Stethoscope

Master Cardiology ™ Stethoscope

Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope

Master Classic II ™ Stethoscope

Classic III ™ Monitoring Stethoscope

Cardiology IV ™ Diagnostic Stethoscope

CORE Digital Stethoscope

Components (Chestpiece/Eartube/Stem)

Tube Color

2450 Black

2114 Black

2113 Black

5620 Black

5627 Burgundy

6151 (22") Black 6156 Plum

2160 Black

6159 Rose Pink

2451 Burgundy

2114R Red

2113R Red

5621 Gray

5633 Pearl Pink

6152 Black

6158 Raspberry

2163 Burgundy

2452 Caribbean 2124 Caribbean 2119 Caribbean

5622 Navy

5831 Plum

6154 Navy

6159 Rose Pink

2164 Navy

6159 Rose Pink

All Standard Finish

2454 Ceil Blue

2122 Raspberry

5623 Caribbean 5832 Lavender

6155 Hunter Green 6184 Burgundy

2167 Plum

2456 Pearl Pink

5630 Ceil Blue

5835 Turquoise

6159 Rose Pink

6159 Rose Pink

6159 Rose Pink

5648 Raspberry

5839 Lemon-Lime

All Black

5803 Black

5868 Burgundy

6163 Black

6168 Navy

2161 Black

8480 Black

All Brass Finish All Copper Finish

2175 Black

Components: Chestpiece/Eartube/Stem Standard Finish

5809 Chocolate

5811 Black

2176 Black

All Smoke

Rainbow/Brass/Brass Brass/Smoke/Smoke Rainbow/Black/Black

2157 Raspberry

2153 Caribbean

5806 Raspberry

5807 Caribbean


5870 Black

6165 Black

Brass Finish

5863 Navy


5959 Ceil Blue

Mirror/Standard/Mirror Champagne/Smoke/Smoke

6177 Black

6170 Burgundy

Copper Finish

5861 Black

5864 Burgundy

6179 Black

Champagne/Black/Champagne High-Polish Rainbow/Black/Black High-Polish Rainbow/Smoke/Smoke

6176 Burgundy

6190 Caribbean


6242 Navy

6240 Black

6241 Raspberry


COLORED STEM SERIES: (square inset represents stem color)

6200 Black

6203 Black


6201 Black


6202 Navy

6204 Black

High-Polish Smoke/Black/Color

6232 Black

6234 Caribbean


High-Polish Smoke/Smoke/Color

6238 Gray


6205 Plum

High-Polish Smoke


6206 Hunter

5872 Turquoise

5875 Lime


High-Polish Rainbow

5873 Gray

Mirror/Smoke/Color Mirror/Standard/Color

5960 Plum

5962 Pearl Pink

1-800-228-3957 | | Also available: Teaching Stethoscope (2138) Colors shown are approximate.

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