Welcome to St Thomas More High School

‘Pupils are supported to become active, mature, articulate and responsible young citizens in society; that is a measure of St Thomas More boy’ Ofsted, 2018

To Inspire

It is with great pleasure that I introduce our school to you. St Thomas More is a vibrant learning community with a strong family ethos, a distinctive Catholic identity and part of the Assisi Catholic Trust. We believe that the years spent with us should engage and enrich our young people, challenge and support them to aspire towards high standards of self-discipline and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of school life. Our school is led by a talented and dedicated staff who work tirelessly for the benefit of our students and, as a result, our school is a well-disciplined and considerate environment where students achieve well. We encourage respect for others and an understanding and tolerance towards all races, religion and cultures. The following pages give factual information about the ways in which we try to achieve our mission and aims but it is no substitute for coming to see for yourselves. A personal visit will help you appreciate what is so special about our school community.

Mrs Gemma Ackred (Headteacher)

To Learn

St Thomas More students have energy and spirit. They want to learn, to explore, to discover and to fulfil their academic potential. St Thomas More students are young people with purpose and commitment prepared for the challenges of lifelong learning. Our classrooms are productive and interactive working environments offering opportunities for learning in every direction. We support and guide our students, engage and challenge them to aim high, and we celebrate their achievements in school life and beyond. ‘Teachers and pupils are comfortable serving others in school and in the wider community. This leads to a school that prays together and in which pupils have a genuine regard for the needs of others’ Section 48, 2018

To Achieve

St Thomas More has a broad and inclusive curriculum offering a huge range of opportunities for personal development and success. Our students continue to perform well above the national average in public examinations and we are exceptionally proud of their achievements. ‘The curriculum has been well thought out … pupils receive a breadth of opportunity, and are challenged to achieve high standards.’ ‘There is a wide-ranging extra-curricular programme, including trips, visits and charity work’ Ofsted, 2018

To keep our Catholic ethos at the centre of our lives

As a worshipping community, St Thomas More lives its mission, through its witness, care and expectation of excellence. All members are valued and encouraged to grow together. Love of God and the example Christ are at the forefront of our policies and practice. ‘The quality of Collective Worship is outstanding. The school provides extensive and varied religious experiences for staff and pupils. St Thomas More is a community that prays together’ Section 48, 2018

To fulfil our educational potential It is important that all children feel safe and that they are cared for. By creating a caring environment we know that children are more likely to thrive and flourish both as children and as learners. Our school has an outstanding record of keeping pupils safe and we take this duty of care seriously for all our pupils. ‘The vision of St Thomas More, “God’s Servant First”, permeates every aspect of school life and provides a strong foundation for the school’s strong spiritual and caring ethos’ Section 48, 2018

Welcoming all and reaching out to the wider world

This is a Catholic school with Catholic values. We have important standards of discipline, trust and respect and everyone here knows what is expected of them. ‘Pupils at the school talk proudly about the importance of being part of the ‘family’ community ... Many pupils commented effusively on how staff and pupils uphold the school’s community spirit’

Ofsted, 2018

To truly be God’s servant first

We aim to develop the school’s community to provide a disciplined, caring and stable environment in which pupils can achieve their best and develop as confident young people, well prepared and fully equipped to make a positive contribution to the wider world as responsible citizens. As a Catholic school we respect each pupil as a unique person with God given gifts, qualities and particular needs. ‘The ethos is one of service to pupils to enable their spiritual, social and moral development through Christ’s love ... Chaplaincy is a significant strength’ Section 48, 2018

To inspire, To learn, To achieve, To keep our Catholic ethos at the centre of our lives, To fulfil our educational potential, welcoming all and reaching out to the wider world to truly be ...

Sixth form

God’s servant first

Sixth form students set important standards for our whole community; they are wonderful ambassadors and significant role models who inspire the school with their belief and determination to succeed. They are responsible and ambitious young men and women who make confident and wise choices for the next steps in their life after school. We encourage our students to study independently, to develop their skills and to make efficient use of their time. The sixth form leadership team organises house events, competitions and charity fundraising activities throughout the year. ‘The Sixth form is a real strength in the school’s good overall provision’ ‘Sixth form students are incredibly positive about their experience, which is of a very high quality’ Ofsted, 2018



St Thomas More High School

Part of Assisi Catholic Trust limited by guarantee in the Diocese of Brentwood, registered in England and Wales.

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Registered office: Kenilworth Gardens, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex SS0 0BW Registered number 7696989.

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