Vizcaya Annual Report 2021-2022


Vizcaya’s history has been defined by a passion for preserving cultural and natural resources. In accordance with this history and in response to serious concern about the impacts of climate change and sea-level rise in our world, Vizcaya has an organization-wide commitment to environmental sustainability. Vizcaya is working to align preservationist ideals with our daily practices by being responsible stewards of the environment. There are numerous ongoing initiatives to conserve resources and reduce and compost waste, and we continue to diligently shrink our environmental footprint through practices and initiatives that touch every department. In addition, Vizcaya proudly facilitates public and professional dialogue locally, nationally and abroad on issues surrounding culture and climate. Through the recurring “Climate Collaborative” program, Vizcaya partners with science and social services organizations to address the impacts of climate change on our community and beyond. Noteworthy Sustainability Accomplishments Include: • Reduced water consumption by almost 60% since 2017. • Reduced staff usage of plastic water bottles from 5,100 bottles in 2017 to almost zero in 2022. • Diverted more than 4,000 pounds of material from the waste stream through composting, which is then used in the gardens to supplement the soil. • Donated $1 from every admission on Earth Day to the nonprofit One Tree Planted to plant 850 trees in fire-ravaged forests of Florida.


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