Vizcaya Annual Report 2021-2022


This year Vizcaya is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the gardens, which are renowned for both their natural and cultural value. Over the past year, we have advanced many initiatives in the gardens and our future plans are ambitious. Roses Return to Vizcaya: Vizcaya’s Rose Garden was destroyed in the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926 and the estate remained devoid of roses for nearly a century. Last year, Vizcaya’s horticulture team re-established the beds and tested roses to determine which would thrive in Miami’s climate. Today the space is full of roses that are accessioned into our database and identified by labels for the benefit of our visitors. Living Collections: Our orchid collection numbers in the thousands and is generously supported by the David A. Klein Foundation. We are building our Cattleya holdings—today numbering about 40 different types—with the goal of establishing a nationally accredited collection with at least 100 types. Vizcaya’s Jatropha and Staghorn Fern collections are already nationally accredited and can be shared with other botanical gardens in the region for research and display.


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