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The Importance of Firework Safety FollowThese 6 Safety Steps

Every time the Fourth of July rolls around, I can’t help but look at it from a lawyer’s point of view. I’m constantly worrying about the countless ways people injure themselves on Independence Day. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 280 people are rushed to the emergency room each day during the month surrounding the Fourth of July. With the injury rate skyrocketing around this time of year, I’m always a ball of nerves, but when I was younger, I was far less concerned about safety. My friends and I were a little more cavalier with fireworks and blew up all sorts of things. We would stage small car crashes with our model cars, complete with explosions from firecrackers. None of us knew exactly how dangerous they could be and didn’t put too much thought into the fact that we all could have lost fingers playing with them. For this month’s edition, I want to share some tips about firework safety to ensure no one gets hurt this year while we’re celebrating the independence of our country. An adult should always be present for the lighting of fireworks, but especially for the lighting of sparklers. While sparklers are a favorite among children, they can emit intense heat around 2,000 degrees F. Sparklers should always be held away from the body and never pointed at anyone under any circumstances. 1. Always have an adult present.

the fireworks and keeps an eye on any kids who might be there.

show can be fun, having professionals set off fireworks is best way to keep you and your family out of harm’s way.

3. Keep water nearby.

6. Consider your neighbors.

Be sure to keep a source of water handy in case of an emergency. Having a bucket of water or a charged hose onsite can serve as both a firework disposal area and a potential fire extinguisher.

This might be the most important suggestion. You do not always know what your neighbors have been through in their lives. Some of your neighbors are veterans, and all too many people have been around gun violence. Be considerate and do not bring fireworks around them. While we all want to let loose and have fun when celebrating Independence Day, it’s essential to make safety the top priority. I hope all of you have an exciting and safe Fourth of July.

4. Keep your pets inside.

If you have a pet, make sure that they are properly tagged in case they run away. It’s also a good idea to take current photos of your pets. Your pets should be in a comfortable environment inside your home, or at the very least, in a fenced backyard so that they can’t escape if they are frightened.

2. Never combine fireworks and alcohol.

-David McLaughlin

5. Leave it to the professionals.

When handling fireworks, adults need to have a clear mind in order to make rational decisions. If there are alcoholic beverages at your celebration, make sure there is at least one sober adult who oversees the lighting of

The best way to avoid any injuries this year is by attending a fireworks display around town. While having your own private fireworks

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