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There are a lot of reasons people love the fall: The weather gets cooler, the kids are back in school, and there’s pumpkin spice in everything again. That’s all great, but for me, the biggest reason to look forward to the return of fall is the start of football season.

When I go to a Steelers game and see those familiar colors on the field, it makes me feel like home. Watching the game is my happy place. Pittsburgh was the team my dad pulled for, so from an early age, I knew that was the team I was going to pull for. That’s the awesome thing about sports. I’ve never lived in Pittsburgh and I’ve never played a real game of football, but watching those games brings me back to the games I watched with my dad. We’d cheer and shout at the TV together. When our team won, we’d celebrate like we’d just scored the winning touchdown ourselves, and when the Steelers lost, the whole house was in a terrible mood. But win or lose, the Steelers were our team, and I’d be in front of the TV with my dad again the next week. My kids aren’t old enough to play sports themselves — my son is barely a year old and my daughter is more likely to play soccer than American football — but I’m already teaching them to love football. We got season tickets to see the Falcons play this year, so that will be a lot of fun. And I have plans to be home in time for the kick-off to watch the Steelers-Patriots game at the start of the season.

I am a big football guy; it’s been my favorite sport since I was a kid. I grew up in North Carolina, and for most of my childhood, my dad would get season tickets to watch the University of North Carolina play. I was 3 years old, sitting in the stadium seats and cheering for the Tar Heels with my family. When I got a little older, I played flag football for a few years, but that’s where my career as a player ended. In middle school and high school, I played in a recreational basketball league, and at that point, it was clear that when it came to football, my best position was as a spectator. Although I grew up in North Carolina, I’ve been a Pittsburgh Steelers fan all my life. My dad is from Pennsylvania, so cheering for the Steelers runs in the family. When I was really young, I would wear a plastic Steelers helmet and a little kid’s jersey and run around the back yard, pretending I was playing for the team. This love for the Steelers persists to this day. I root for the Falcons because Atlanta is my home now, but I’m not afraid to don black and gold on game day. “WHEN I GO TO A STEELERS GAME AND SEE THOSE FAMILIAR COLORS ON THE FIELD, IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE HOME.”

I can promise you this: My kids are going to be Steelers fans if I have anything to say about it. –Darl Champion

P.S. Go Steelers!

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