FIling Cabinets Anco delta_edge_assembly


Assembly Instructions





Insert Shelf Clips

Drop the Shelf onto the Shelf Clips

Side View

Side Panels

1. Insert shelf clips in the mid-height of both side panels - front and back. And drop the shelf onto the clips. This is to stabilise the bay for easier assembly, this shelf can be moved to a desired position at a later stage. 2. Install the top and bottom shelves by inserting the shelf clips in the same way as in the step 1. The shelf clips are positioned at the very top and very bottom holes on the shelf panels. 3. Attach top and bottom cross braces using M6 mushroom head bolts and nuts. Insert the bolts from the inside of the bay. Top bracing starts at the 2nd hole from the top, the bottom bracing starts at the 2nd hole from the bottom.

Top View



Cross Bracing

Shelf Clips



4. Attach the rest of the shelves at desired heights, again by first inserting the shelf clips to both side panels.

Starter bay

Extension bay

*5. If building a run of bays, the next bay connects its shelves to the existing shelf clips on the side panel of the existing bay.

Side Panels


Wide Flat Head Screw Driver, Spanner 10mm Tools Required

Bracing must be installed on every 2nd bay of the run

Two competent people wearing safety gloves , safety shoes and protective eyeware are recommended to undertake the assembly. Safety Precaution

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