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December 2019/January 2020

10 Years of Change Around this time each year, I like to reflect on the highlights of the past year and look ahead at my goals for the coming year. This month, I was hit with the realization that January doesn’t just signal the start of a new year; we’re starting an entirely new decade!

What Did the 2010s Mean to Me?

have answers! That’s a challenge in parenthood no one warns you about.

These last 10 years with my kids have been great. Kaden and Macy were homeschooled for a while, and we made a point to take some time off and visit a bunch of national parks. We hit Zion, Yosemite, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, and the Redwoods. These were the first trips we took as a family when our kids were old enough to look after themselves a little. Instead of us having to carry them everywhere, there were times when our kids were waiting for Laura and me to catch up with them. That was a great year, possibly my favorite year of the 2010s.

Ten years ago, Focus Physical Therapy was just a small, young practice. Now we’re 18 years old — the practice can vote now! A lot has happened over the last decade. We changed locations and moved into our current building. In the last two years, we were able to expand a bit more by acquiring the suite next door. We’ve been blessed with some good growth over the last 10 years as new patients find us and our team grows to meet the needs of all our patients and clients. We’ve also grown our place in the community. I’m proud to see that we’ve been able to make a bigger impact on Rancho Santa Margarita and our surrounding communities. It’s not just the practice that has seen a lot of changes. When I look at my family, I’m blown away by how different things are. In January 2010, my kids were 3 and 5 years old. Now they’re 13 and 15! That’s a whole different world. Going from little kids who want to hang out with you all the time and are totally dependent on you to teenagers who want their independence is a big change. I know this happened slowly over the course of 10 years, but I swear my kids were just toddlers, and in the blink of an eye, they’re on the cusp of young adulthood. As a parent, I have to balance giving them a little more independence while still being their dad. The way I interact with my

I’ll miss these days, but when I look ahead to this brand-new decade, I see a lot of good things. A more immediate change is coming just next year when Kaden starts driving. Another crazy thought! Over the next decade, my kids will become adults. I can’t quite wrap my brain around that just yet. By 2030, Kaden and Macy will be in their 20s, graduating college and starting their lifes. My son will be the same age I was when I got married. That’s crazy to think about. As my kids grow into the next stage of their lives, I hope to see the practice do the same. I want to see Focus PT become a bigger part of our community. My plan is to get involved with more charities and really make an impact both on the health of our patients and on the health of our community as a whole.

kids has evolved. We’re getting to a more mature level where we can have different conversations. Kaden and Macy are asking my wife and I different kinds of questions, and we have to

Here’s to the start of a brand-new decade. May these next 10 years bring you unexpected joys and happy memories.

–Julian Manrique

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