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The Beauty Bulletin Celebrating Our Grand Opening JUNE/JULY 2022 WE JUST LEVELED UP!

We are back and bigger than ever! If you were lucky enough to join us in February, you know all about our epic grand opening of The Clinic of Plastic Surgery hosted by Laura and myself. We were so excited to celebrate and showcase our new state-of-the-art, 20,000-square-foot facility with our guests, and it was truly the grand opening of our dreams. We have crossed one more milestone by opening a new facility for new experiences. Moving into a bigger facility is an incredibly comprehensive task in itself. It requires disciplined planning, excellent communication skills, and a strong, collaborative team and community. Thankfully, we had it all. It is such an amazing experience to see people come together as one to celebrate something we all are passionate about. There’s nothing like getting in front of your community, clinking your

out into the streets. I would turn my head left and right and suddenly there were cars lined up on both sides of the road too! When guests arrived in their cocktail attire, everyone felt like a celebrity walking down

the dazzling red carpet that flowed into the main entrance. The new facility was decorated top to bottom with beautiful red, white, and silver balloons. We even had an intricate balloon arch over our “TCPS” sign and balloons wrapped delicately around the railing of the staircase.


champagne glasses in celebration, and getting people excited about your growing business. Laura and I want to continue expanding the number of patients we can

Wolfgang Puck catered the hors d’oeuvres at our event and the food was absolutely divine. His team served the following:

• Vegan taro root & avocado taco • Ahi tuna on wonton with wasabi crème fraiche • Prime NY steak crostini with yuzu butter and shitake mushrooms • Sweet Maryland crab cakes • Everything bagel macaron with smoked salmon & cream cheese • Baby chicken & leek pot pie

treat and our positive impact on the community. Our main goal has always been to help as many people as possible in as many ways possible. With our new facility, we can do just that. Our wonderful team helped us turn our vision into reality. We had food, drinks, music, giveaways, exclusive event discounts and offers, the whole nine yards! The social media team did a spectacular job marketing our event through Instagram and Facebook, and we had so many RSVPs! Due to the high volume of guests attending the event, we had to suggest carpooling or using a car service.

My favorite part had to be seeing our guests use the 360 Video Booth. The

camera swirled around them and they danced, laughed, and just really enjoyed themselves. Everyone looked and dressed their best, and we definitely have the pictures and videos to prove it. Overall, the grand opening event was one for the books. I look forward to making new memories and experiences with our staff and patients here at The Clinic of Plastic Surgery facility. This is just the beginning, and it can only get better from here. –Dr. Sam Sukkar

There must have been at least 300–350 guests in attendance.

It was a surreal feeling to see two parking lots stuffed to the brim with cars, there were so many vehicles that they began to flow

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Get Caffeinated in a ‘Healthy’ Way KEEP IT SIMPLE

From pain killers to carbonated drinks, you can find caffeine everywhere on the American market. However, high caffeine consumption can pose risks. The good news is that in moderation, caffeine may contain useful health benefits, but if you want to actually benefit from caffeine, consider these healthier options. But what is caffeine, exactly? Caffeine is a natural stimulant — in other words, it stimulates the brain and central nervous systems, which prevents weariness and helps you stay alert. Over 80% of the world’s population consumes a caffeinated product every day, including tea, coffee, soda, and energy drinks. In North America alone, this number rises to 90%. Research shows that caffeine may possibly elevate your brain function and metabolism, and during exercise, it may even increase your body’s use of fat as fuel — but that doesn’t necessarily mean chugging an energy drink is ideal. Why? Its health benefits come mainly through tea or coffee. Walk into any grocery store, and you’ll notice that many highly caffeinated drinks are also high in sugar and additives. Sugar is extremely harmful to your long-term health — and no matter what benefits you read about

caffeine, the harmful effects of sugar can overwhelm them by heightening your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and much more. The experts agree: Tossing a sugar cube or two into your cup of coffee isn’t the same as drinking a sugary Red Bull.

Additionally, too much caffeine can cause some problems. In some individuals, caffeine can promote headaches, migraines, and high blood pressure. Caffeine is also a psychoactive substance, which means it’s habit forming. After a period of not drinking coffee, you might be familiar with the “caffeine withdrawal” and its side effects: anxiety, tremors, restlessness, irregular heartbeat, and even trouble sleeping. Thankfully, these effects are temporary. Studies show that the people who benefit the most from caffeine are often those who drink anywhere from 1–4 cups of tea or coffee a day. You can also find zero-sugar seltzer waters with low doses of caffeine if you need a small kick. Keep it simple, and you’ll avoid excess sugar and reap the benefits of caffeine more fully.

Boost Your Hair Growth and Confidence

Restore Youthful Vibrancy to Your Hair

As we age, our bodies experience many changes, and our hair is no exception. It is so much more than a cosmetic problem — it can have a profound effect on your self-esteem and overall quality of life. There are surgical and non-surgical procedures if you’re struggling with thinning hair. Here in Houston at The Clinic of Plastic Surgery, you’re in capable hands when you visit Dr. Sukkar. Follicular Unit Extraction Also known as FUE, it is a minimally invasive approach to hair transplantation. Dr. Sukkar removes individual hair follicles from the donor site on your scalp and transplants them into your thinning areas. What makes this technique so discreet, is that it doesn’t require any liner scars or stitches! FUE has many appealing benefits, and it is a fairly short recovery period so you can return to your normal routine with very few limitations. As for the procedure itself, Dr. Sukkar will collect individual follicles from your scalp and make minute circular incisions around each hair. He uses a tiny instrument that resembles tweezers to extract the graft, and once collected, the graft will then be prepared for placement. A powerful microscope is used to thoroughly examine each follicle to ensure it is in optimal condition.

To produce the most natural results, Dr. Sukkar will arrange the grafts in units of one to four hairs per follicle. He makes tiny incisions in the thinning areas of your scalp for placement, and transfers the grafts one by one. Then he places them carefully to ensure a dense and natural-looking outcome. Platelet-Rich Plasma Another great option is PRP, or platelet-rich plasma. This treatment offers a natural, non-surgical way to boost hair growth and encourage the body to produce more in the thinning areas. PRP is a concentrated, regenerative “booster shot” that is produced from your own blood and then injected into your scalp. By drawing only a small quantity of blood and separating the platelets, we are able to create the PRP serum, which is a shot of your own plasma with a concentrated amount of growth-stimulating platelets. The entire procedure is relatively painless and takes no longer than an hour! Dr. Sukkar stays on top of all the latest advancements and techniques in hair restoration and is committed to giving his patients the best quality of care. If you or someone you know is experiencing hair loss and would like to explore more options, call and consult with Dr. Sukkar today!

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DR. SUKKAR'S Word Search *Bring in a completed word search and get $30 off your next IV treatment! But what can you do? If you’ve ever been on a diet, you know that willpower has its limits. Simply promising you won’t check your email or phone rarely results in long-term success. But if technology is a big part of the problem, it can also be part of the solution. Try putting your email or phone notifications on silent. Or, consider a website blocker to keep you off distracting websites With our phones always on standby, we’re more easily distracted than ever. Then there are also interruptions by coworkers or family members, emails or instant messages that divert our attention, household chores that will “only take a minute,” coffee breaks, and daydreams. Constant distraction hurts us more than we realize, creating a feedback loop of inattention. It’s time we understand what all this multitasking is doing to our minds and figure out how to break the cycle. No matter how good you think you are at it, multitasking doesn’t exist. What we’re really doing is called task-switching. Our brains can concentrate on only one thing at a time, and the quicker we go back and forth between tasks, the less we pay attention, and the more likely we are to make mistakes. Even worse, research says it takes us a whopping 23 minutes to regain our concentration after being interrupted.

and an app that will lock distracting features on your phone. Low-tech solutions like a “do not disturb” sign and putting your phone in another room can also help. And mental tricks can still have their place. You probably tend to become productive when you’ve got a deadline crunch, and there’s a reason for that. Tasks have a way of

Shop Our Online Store! Though we each have to fight our own battles, this isn’t entirely our fault. Popular apps make billions of dollars by sucking our attention away from everything else, so we’re automatically at a disadvantage. And there may be even more than meets the eye. If you have difficulty concentrating, stress could be the underlying culprit. Get that under control, and distractions might suddenly lose some of their allure. stretching out unnecessarily when we don’t have to follow any restrictions. So, make some! Determine how much time you need to complete a task, and then don’t allow yourself anymore. Ask a colleague for help staying accountable. You’ll be amazed at how much you get done.

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Traveling for the Food? DON’T MISS THESE 3 FESTIVALS

According to AAA, millions of Americans take “culinary-focused vacations” every year. We’ll travel to Philadelphia for cheesesteaks, Texas for barbecue, Louisiana for gumbo … you get the idea. Our culture loves to eat! If you’re a traveling foodie, you are in luck: Add these three summer festivals to your must-visit list for this summer or future food-finding trips.

it, “Beer and pierogies go together as well as peanut butter and jelly.”

Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival (New York) July 31; JerkFestivalNY.com

Yes, New York City is home to fantastic pizza and bagels, but it’s also a Caribbean food hub! At this festival, visitors can stuff themselves with jerk chicken, enjoy whole fish, and drink icies straight from hollowed-out pineapples. Six celebrity chefs will make appearances this year to compete in food contests and show off their Jamaican roots and/or dishes. When attendees aren’t eating, they can relax at a musical or cultural performance.

Pierogi Fest (Indiana) July 29–31; PierogiFest.net

The Polish pierogi is a humble food: mashed potatoes and cheese wrapped in soft dough and either fried, baked, or grilled to perfection. But simplicity should be celebrated! In Whiting, Indiana, Pierogi Fest is a three-day affair that brings in more than 300,000 people for events like a Polka Parade, a pierogi toss, and, of course, pierogies stuffed with everything from cheese to alligator meat. Of course, there’s also a beer garden, because as the organizers put

cinematic lobster boil at sunset, a lobsterfest pool party, a pub crawl, and an all-you-can-eat-and- drink lobster brunch. Head to the website to learn more and score delicious lobster recipes — even if you can’t attend! Want more food festival intel? We’ve got you. Visit Insider.com and search “food and drink festivals” for a list of 28 top food attractions, ranked by Yelp reviews.

Key West Lobsterfest (Florida) Aug. 11–14; KeyWestLobsterfest.com

This year is the 25th annual Key West Lobsterfest! Seafood lovers come from all corners to enjoy the crustacean-crazed festival, which includes a

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