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As you may have already noticed, we really throw ourselves into celebrating the holidays here at Advanced Practice PT. We dress up as elves around Christmas time and paper the office red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July, but our staff’s favorite season for high jinks has to be the time leading up to Halloween. Of course, our sassy secretary, Leslie, gets a big portion of the credit for keeping us all festive. As you read in last month’s newsletter, she’s the one in charge of decorating the office, and she loves to take on upcycling projects. One year, in addition to the little bottles of potions on display, bats flying across the walls, ravens perched on counters, black candelabras, skulls, and spiderwebs, she found a big, fancy metal vase that had a wedding topiary in it and sprayed the whole thing black and silver. All of the glitter and dead flowers really set the Halloween tone. In 2017, we had a big helping of Halloween fun when we challenged our followers on Facebook to pick out a name for our office skeleton. The suggestions were hilarious! Some of our favorites were Captain

Jack Marrow, Bone in the U.S.A. Bruce, Mr. Femur, Funny Bone, Mr. Crackin’ Bones, Seamore Skeleton, Phil Angies, Mr. Bone Jangles, Cal C. Iam, and Napoleon Boneapart, but the one we drew out of a hat was Pelvis Costello — so he’s been Pelvis ever since. Throughout October, we decorate Pelvis and dress him up in fun costumes, like onesie pajamas, a witch’s hat and robe, a belly dancer’s sarong, and snowboarding gear. Our own Halloween costumes have been similarly wacky. Last year, I dressed up as one of a pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I was Donatello, of course). Leslie came to work as a witch, Tara pinned sponges on herself and claimed to be a “self- absorbing human,” and a female Boy Scout and a motorcycle rider rounded out our motley crew. We always have a great time at the office greeting patients in our costumes, but I also look forward to my family’s Halloween traditions every year. For the last few Halloweens, my husband and I have invited the boys in my 13-year-old- son Cooper’s class and their families

over to our house. The adults have soup and the kids have pizza, and then we send them off to go trick- or-treating in the neighborhood. It seems like just yesterday we had to have a group of dads escort them, but these days, they’re old enough to dash from house to house on their own while the adults stay back at our place, having an adult beverage we jokingly call “dragon’s blood” in honor of the season. If you stop by the office for an appointment this month (or just to check out Leslie’s awesome decorations) please share your own Halloween plans! We’d all love to hear about your family traditions and get ideas for making this spooky season the best yet.

–Dawn Clutter

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