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“When it comes to life, the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.” –G.K. Chesterton When a year comes to a close, we count our blessings. First and foremost, we want to thank you, our clients and friends, for entrusting us with your personal and financial well-being. There is no higher honor in our profession than for us to represent you. Thank you! We are further grateful for all of you who have referred clients to us. We understand that when you refer clients to us, your integrity is on the line as well as ours. I want to thank each one of our team members for their terrific performance in 2018. If you haven’t met Pat Cummings and Jon Svitak, you should. Each is a rising star in the legal field with excellent skills and demeanor — but more importantly, they are men with big hearts and high integrity. Over the years, Pat has worked tirelessly against trucking companies and their insurance companies to advocate for our clients. Pat took his game to a new level by helping us secure our largest settlement in 2018 weeks before trial. Pat, you are a warrior with zero pulse. You and I have been in our fair share of litigation battles these past five years. Each year, I am more and more grateful to have you on our side. Before joining Shannon Law Group P.C., Jon worked for a number of years representing insurance companies. Jon’s past experience gives our clients a tactical advantage in their cases. GRATITUDE FOR OUR TEAM AND CLIENTS

Jon’s teamwork with Pat was instrumental in securing great results in 2018. Jon, I thank you for your steady, aggressive advocacy for our clients who have been injured by vaccines, our Spanish-speaking clients, and others. We are grateful you are now part of our team. Brittany Peterson has worked with us for a year. Brittany makes sure our newsletters get published and that we communicate with you. She has attended two national continuing education training seminars, kept up to speed on the latest trends, and edited a ton of content for publication. Brittany even pitched in and helped us with paralegal duties. In one year’s time, Brittany has made a big impact. Thank you, Brittany! Kate Refine plays a key role at our firm. This past year, Kate was assigned to work with one of our clients who was profoundly injured. Kate made sure that our client’s needs were met while we battled against a trucking company and their insurance company in court. Without Kate’s dedication and hard work, we would have been at a huge disadvantage. Thank you, Kate! Finally, I want you to know that we do not take you, our clients and friends, for granted. What we have done yesterday is important, but we know that we are measured on what we do for you today and tomorrow. It is our pledge to work harder each day to earn your trust in us.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

–Joe Shannon

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