AI Marketing Research Report

The Prospects of AI in Content Marketing

The influence of AI is undoubtedly growing in our daily and work lives. However, with 43% of respondents preferring human-generated content, it’s safe to say that artificial intelligence is far from being the human replacement everyone fears that it is. AI can become an additional tool in the arsenal of marketers, though. What we’ve learned is that people – a staggering 57% – love content created by artificial intelligence , both texts and images. So marketers can save time and resources by employing AI to perform their daily tasks. In fact, AI could become a lifesaver for small businesses, especially if they’re only working on establishing their brand. Instead of hiring a team of writers and designers or outsourcing the job, they can get a subscription to an AI tool and get instant content for their needs – content at least 50% of their audience would like.

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