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Summer has brought some new faces around here at Atlas. Over the last couple of months, we have added: Noah (PT Tech), Garrett (PT Tech), Zhana (Front Desk Team), Jessica (Front Desk Team), and Dr. Kate (Physical Therapist). Over the next couple of months, we will share a bio in each edition until we are all caught up. This month’s spotlight is Noah, read his bio below: “I have lived in Severn, Maryland my entire life. I am the fourth youngest of 5 siblings, so I’ve definitely been exposed to plenty of different hobbies. Throughout my childhood, I had a deep interest in planes and other aircrafts. Soccer has

always been my sport of choice. I’ve grown to have a passion in weightlifting. As my passion for weightlifting grew, I came to the realization that the health field is where I want to have a career. Becoming a tech here at Atlas, I was sure that this is the field that I want to spend my career in. I am currently in my second year at Anne Arundel Community College, studying Exercise Science. After I get my AA in Exercise Science, I plan on going into the Physical Therapy Assistant program at the community college, while pursuing my ultimate goal of becoming a PT.”

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WHAT’S GOING ON AROUND ATLAS PT? From Garrett : We celebrated a good friend of mine Tyler’s Lung-iversary. Tyler has Cystic Fibrosis and this celebration marks the 1 year celebration of his double lung transplant. We spent quality time with Tyler other friends going to dinner and then to the movies to see Toy Story 4. He is a walking miracle and thankful to have him healthy. (continued from outside)

inspired me to get certified to go skydiving by myself whenever I please, so I plan on trying to do that sometime in the future. Atlas has been busy in the community! I hosted a Low Back Pain workshop at Glen Burnie Fitness and Nutrition, and Dr. Sam manned a table for the 10th Anniversary of Conquest Jiu Jitsu, where Sydney goes to work out. Samantha completed the 1st grade! T.J. got eat lunch with her and be a guest reader for her class during her last week. That night he joined her for

From Noah: This July I went skydiving at Skydiving Baltimore with two of my friends. You would think I would’ve been nervous, but surprisingly, I was more excited than nervous. It was probably the most memorable experience I will ever have! It

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Paint Night with the after school program, they made very lovely sunsets! She got the cast off her broken arm after 4 weeks, and graduated to a removeable splint. TJ fabricated a waterproof splint to replace the one the doctor gave her, so she could enjoy some low-key time in the pool. It’s working great, and she continues to wean to less and less brace time. Doing her PT exercises before meals seems to be the easiest time to remember. The Earleigh Heights Carnival was fantastic! We squeaked in between storms and had the best weather, and shortest lines! The girls got ride-all-

night wrist bands, each played the game where you throw darts at balloons to win a little stuffed animal (both picked a rainbow-colored penguin) and chose cotton candy as their treat. We ran in to several friends, and Kathryn rode most of the evening with her friend from school. TJ and I enjoyed our 1 ride each! TJ and I headed to Chicago for meetings. We even had a date-night Friday for a late dinner at a near-by Japanese restaurant. We were the only ones there, very quaint!

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