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Association activities The Association has a broad range of activities – from the February Reunion Weekend, to branch events, to the 40 Years On. The Association is grateful to those who give their time to organise these activities. The 2017 Reunion Weekend was a great success. The 40 Years On saw a much higher turn-out than normal as well. It is likely that from 2019 the 40 Years On will occur on Reunion Weekend as well, making that even more of a focal point for the Association. One of the priorities for 2017 was to connect more with our younger Old Boys. We had some success with this. First, in November, an initial “Young Old Boys” reunion was held. Around 30 young men who were at College between 2007 and 2011 attended. This will hopefully become a fixture on the Association calendar. There have also been attempts to engage younger Old Boys at branch events. We are also working on joint events with St Margaret's College to be held at Auckland, Victoria and Otago universities. The branches continued to show their strength. One of the priorities of 2017 was to have more active branches and, overall, there was some success in achieving that goal. There were events held in Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Christchurch, Hawke's Bay, Wellington, Marlborough, Nelson, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and London. Of particular note is the Melbourne branch, which organises regular events and is, by far, the most active of the branches we have. Also of note is that for the first time the Christchurch branch trialled a “long lunch” in early December, where over 90 Old Boys, of all ages, gathered at the

Christchurch Club. The event was the initiative of Geoffrey Sullivan and Sam Cowdy and, as always with them, was a tremendous success. It is set to become a new tradition for Christchurch-based members. One area where work is still required is in Auckland. As more and more Old Boys live in Auckland, the Association needs to work to ensure there is more than one opportunity a year for Old Boys to get together. We also need to work with College to make the school relevant to those living in Auckland, so that it is seen not just as the place where they went to school but as a place where their sons will go as well. Capital campaign As many of you will be aware, College is currently working on an ambitious capital campaign. Although perceived as wealthy, the reality is that College's financial position is far from secure. The rebuilding after the earthquakes used significant amounts of capital. generations of relying on existing endowments to fund operations (through scholarships and direct grants) has seen College's financial position move slowly backwards. College has pressing needs. A significant programme of earthquake strengthening is required. In addition, the gym, science block and music school are all in desperate need of replacement. It is time for the Old Boy community to acknowledge these facts and take up the challenge. We have all benefited from our education at the finest school in the Southern Hemisphere. We owe it to those who follow us, and to College, to be generous, so that it In addition, the approach of the College community over

can continue to be the best.

Conclusion This will be my last president's report as my two-year term is coming to a close. It has been a privilege to lead the Association over the past two years and to work with Executive Principal Garth Wynne, who has been a tremendous support. I am also thankful for the hard work and support of the committee – vice- president (and incoming president) Geoffrey Sullivan, treasurer Andrew Springford and committee members John Luxton, Johnny Cochrane, Angus Dysart-Paul, Sam Cowdy, William Mills, Alexander McKinnon and Richard Polson. Johnny Cochrane is retiring from the committee after a number of years service, including as president. Johnny's sound judgment and good humour will be missed. Likewise, Alexander McKinnon will be retiring, having previously served as treasurer and vice-president, as will William Mills. We are grateful for their considerable work for the Association. It has been a real delight to work with Justine Nicholl. Justine is a tireless – and tirelessly cheerful – secretary and we should all be extremely grateful for her hard work. I will miss our regular get-together. On behalf of the committee, thank you Justine. The Association is in tremendous heart. I wish it continued success and I wish Geoffrey all the best for his term as president.

Jeremy Johnson (12355)

College Issue 34 2018


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