College – Issue 34

What is your advice to College students now, given four years in the big wide world? Take every opportunity you can get, and if it’s not available, make it. Don’t be afraid to walk down the path less travelled, because I can tell you from my own experiences, I wouldn’t go back and change direction for a second. If studying in New Zealand is what’s best for you, then tackle that experience

with all your might. But if you have the desire and drive to study overseas, whether that be Australia or the US or England, go for it. It’s never too early to start planning, it’s never too late to look at other options, and it is up to you to make your life what you want it to be. Nothing will be handed to you, but the lessons College will teach you over your five years in those black and white stripes will give you everything you need to make it.

Jonathon Weakley

His doctorate was based around the optimisation of strength and conditioning for elite adolescent rugby union players and one day he hopes to provide external support to the College 1st XV. Here he shares some thoughts about his study and his life. What subjects did you enjoy most at College? I most enjoyed Physical Education and Biology – I will always be grateful to Dr Graeme Swanson for

his belief in me. While I remember people often saying PE was an “easy subject” I don’t believe that is necessarily true. The ability to combine holistic health, physiology and basic biomechanics into a school subject is unique. Where did you study before Leeds Beckett? First I completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at the University of Otago. Then I went on to complete a Master

Jonathon Weakley (13321) was at College from 2004–2008. He was a member of Corfe House and has positive memories of forming great friendships during his College years. He has recently finished a PhD at Leeds Beckett University in the United Kingdom, after being awarded a D and HM Tripp Travelling Scholarship.

Christ’s College Canterbury


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