College – Issue 34

I’m from a family of teachers and always tried to steer away from the profession, but have found great enjoyment and satisfaction from teaching and igniting others’ interests and passions so they can pursue and succeed in their goals and aspirations. Before coming to College in 2017, I worked for nine years at Cashmere High School – as Head of Commerce for five years and Head of Faculty for Social Sciences for two years – and I'm enjoying the special character of a boys’ school. Boys are very “straight up”, and this creates a very honest and authentic environment in which to teach. University in north west England, working in Operations Management for Northern Foods before emigrating to New Zealand 15 years ago where I retrained, completing a Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning. Landscaping our new home is taking up a lot of time outside of College. I also enjoy food, I studied a BBA Business Management at Lancaster

about questioning and supporting and encouraging. It’s about laying the foundations for a long- term vision, where the ability to collaborate as a group enhances the capacity for innovation and excellence.” If teachers become better role models, are enabled to become more engaging in class, and recognise the need to be lifelong learners, the work of the Centre will be moving along predicted lines. “It’s early days,” says Joe, “but the buy-in of staff and their willingness to be part of the process, bodes well for the future.” Meet the team

and solidifying the top quality teaching at College. Already one of the best parts has proven to be observing a range of teachers and seeing colleagues in their classroom interactions with the boys. The structure of the Centre is unique and having four Heads of Teaching & Learning and Joe as the Assistant Principal – Curriculum means we have a team working towards our goal of developing a strategic vision as well as working with individuals. I’ve been teaching since 2005 and at College since part way through 2015. I have worked at three Christchurch schools and spent four years at an international school in Taiwan. I teach English, although I thoroughly enjoyed my two years in Learning Support working with our English as a second language students. My roles in schools have included pastoral, Head of Department, senior leader in charge of operations, What I love about teaching is seeing the boys making progress and gaining a sense of achievement. I’ve always been at co-ed schools before, and the nature of a boys- only classroom is really special. As an English teacher, I have seen more comfortable and authentic thinking from the young men about literature than you tend to see in a co-ed environment. Not to mention, they’re just great including examinations officer and timetable. young men and seeing them grow up is a real privilege. Time outside school is about to become more complex as I start a PhD looking at Positive Organisational Scholarship as it relates to an educational context. I have an MA in Political Science from the University of Canterbury and worked in client communications and research before studying for a postgraduate diploma in English Literature and training as a teacher.

cooking new recipes and trying new places to eat.

Katie Southworth

Commerce and Mathematics

I feel that the new role is about celebrating what we do well at College and providing a platform from which to continue to provide excellence in teaching and learning, as well as supporting colleagues in their ongoing professional development. The creation of the Centre of Teaching Excellence & Research with a team to work within it, is unique. No other school is doing this in quite the same way. I’m especially looking forward to the coaching and mentoring aspect of the role, having done some of this in my previous roles.

Nicole Billante

Humanities and English

This is one of the most exciting roles I’ve held within a school. I see it supporting teachers on their professional journey

Christ’s College Canterbury


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