College – Issue 34

ADVANCED LEARNING Extending skills, widening horizons

Seeking exciting opportunities for bright students to shine occupies Chloe Harland’s time both in and out of College as she scours the internet for innovative programmes worldwide.

Chloe stepped into the role of Head of Advanced Learning in 2018, following on from Warren Lidstone, and is focused on extending the boys’ interests in ways which suit them. Chloe is the right person in the right job, highly driven, a self-confessed perfectionist, and a teacher who is happy to invest her time in seeking opportunities for her students which may sit outside the box. And best of all, she understands perfectly how they operate and what they need. “I can say this quite honestly, because I was one of those students

when I was at school. That was me. I was always looking for something beyond just extension studies. I get the need to be perfect. To set really high standards and to feel absolutely challenged by new initiatives. “This programme at College is about enrichment. It’s about questioning how we can make the students’ school experience challenging and fun, without having to advance them from their peers. We put a lot of time into our academic approach for these boys, but the pastoral component hasn’t always kept pace. It’s about recognising not only the intellectual capacity of a student, but also their maturity, and their

emotional development. That is all part of the equation. And achieving a nice balance is pivotal to the success of this programme.” “That’s why boys whose speciality subjects might be Mathematics or Science who anticipate a career in medicine, for example, could expect to be taken to the Art Gallery and invited to make a whole range of discoveries for a different perspective entirely. “In a way that kind of enrichment is about trying to create a little tribe of Renaissance men,” she says. Head of Classics as well as of the Advanced Learning Centre, Chloe

Christ’s College Canterbury


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