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ACADEMIC New faces

before coming back to New Zealand to teach at Darfield High School, where he developed the FLAMES (Fostering Learning and Motivation in Education through Sport) initiative for boys struggling in mainstream classes. He based his PhD thesis, gained through the Graduate School of Education, University of Queensland, Australia, on this project. Mike then worked for the Ministry of Education, before becoming general manager at Cholmondeley Children’s Home. His next step was to lead the Canterbury Youth Development Programme, and from there he moved to the tertiary sector, as manager of the CPIT Trades division. Then Mike branched out and, along with his wife Julia, bought the New Zealand and Pacific Island rights for the ToughGuard range of automotive, marine and aviation products. His foray into the business world was rewarding, but ultimately unsatisfying – and, before long, Mike got “caught by the education bug again.” It might not be a traditional teaching pathway, but the breadth of Mike’s experience is perfect preparation for his current roles. He knows education, understands the “real world”, and is passionate about teaching skills that will see the boys thrive. “The ability to influence a young person’s life in a positive direction underestimate the power teachers have; they make a real difference,” says Mike. “As Housemaster, my primary responsibility is to look after all the boys in Julius House and, as both a Housemaster and a is a huge responsibility and a huge privilege. You can never

teacher, my job is to make sure the young men in my care become the best they can be.”

Mike Field

After “testing the water” in 2017 and working at College as a part-time Physical Education and Mathematics teacher, Dr Mike Field decided he had finally found his niche and was ready to return to full-time teaching. So, this year, it is all on … Mike is thoroughly enjoying his role as Julius Housemaster, as well as being teacher in charge of College’s new Agribusiness programme and taking a Year 10 Commerce class. “ The ability to influence a young person’s life in a positive direction is a huge responsibility and a huge privilege .” Mike Field Mike started his teaching career overseas, working in Samoa, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines,

David Newton

Physics Head of Department (HoD) David Newton is a big fan of practical, experiential learning, helping the boys understand and apply the fundamental concepts of physics as they learn by doing. “Physics is fantastic and every student deserves an enthusiastic introduction to the subject. Bringing props into the classroom or taking the boys outside to do hands-on experiments, ramps up the excitement and makes physics more accessible.” Old Boy David says he always wanted to come back to College as a teacher, but was happy to wait for the right time. After a satisfying 20-year career at Shirley Boys’ High School, and having seen his sons Michael and James through their College journey, he jumped at the opportunity to take on the role of HoD.

Christ’s College Canterbury


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