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SCHOOL-TO-SCHOOL EXCHANGES More opportunities to experience the difference

Any boy who goes on a College exchange returns with unforgettable memories and a wider world view. This greater appreciation of the big wide world, together with the different ways in which people communicate and operate, is at the heart of the six school-to-school exchanges currently offered by Christ’s College. “They fit very well within the concept of internationalism that College wants to embrace,” says Assistant Principal – Community Engagement and Special Projects Neil Porter. “It’s the chance to live for a short time with another family in another part of the world, and to be immersed in another culture and, in some instances, language. They also get a brief glimpse at another education system. What we hope is that the boys lucky enough to do this come back with a greater awareness of others and an appreciation of ‘difference’.” The oldest school-to-school exchange is with Michaelhouse, an independent boarding school for boys in the KwaZulu/Natal Midlands, South Africa. For Year 10 boys, it provides the chance to spend Term 3 offshore. Perhaps the best-known school- to-school exchange is with Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA) in Nashville, Tennessee. Students Marshall Stark, Sam Howard and

Top & middle: Montgomery Bell Academy students on campus. Bottom: Montgomery Bell Academy grounds

College Issue 34 2018


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