College – Issue 34

“Everyone at MBA was interested in us. They wanted us to keep talking because they found our accents so unusual,” says Marshall. The boys observed a different attitude in class, to that at College. “Everything they do matters there – every test, every assignment. And it was much more a lecture style of teaching, with students having to take a lot of notes.” Lunchtime was a highlight – “you always looked forward to it” – with the school serving an “amazing main meal” plus the option of a pizza bar and a dessert bar, with everything from jelly to chocolate mousse. “Gatorade and chocolate milk were on tap,” says Sam. Both boys’ host mothers served a full cooked breakfast every morning, with dinner sometimes home cooked, and sometimes takeaways. “My host mother made this amazing sweet roll, a kind of cinnamon cake with icing topping, which I used to regularly finish off,” says Marshall, who recalls the best times of his month away being chilling out with his host family. For Sam, it was a weekend trip with his host brother to an older brother at university in Mississippi. “Going to MBA was something we both loved. I would love to do something similar again,” says Marshall. “There’s no substitute for going and doing it, and I’d recommend it to anyone,” says Sam.

“There’s no substitute for going and doing it, and I’d recommend it to anyone.” SamHoward

College Issue 34 2018


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