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an almost tearful goodbye to his Mustang. It’s hard to live on a pension when you have a gas guzzling beast drinking all your money. He proceeds to the door to hand over the keys, hesitation consumes his body, but it’s too late. The door bursts open. A well- dressed father greets the old man with a firm handshake while a wide- eyed, acne-ridden teen rushes out to the Mustang. The old man's heart drops as hard as a rock. The owner- to-be of his Mustang is a 16-year-old boy. Holds back his watery eyes, he hands over the keys and begins the long, long, long journey to a bus stop as his pride and joy is no longer with him to comfort him on his journey home. Here he rummages around his pocket again. This time he pulls out a lotto scratchy. He tries his luck. A slow weak pathetic hand begins to peel away the layer containing his fate. However, a gust of wind howls, a greasy bald head is exposed after his downtrodden duckbill cap escapes its host. In an attempt to save it, his hand soars like a bullet to catch it, but alas, it was all for naught. He looks back at his ticket only to find it is not there. All but a lonely tear is shed as he realises during his feeble attempts to save his hat, he lost his only chance at retrieving the love of his life back. Leap into the adventure! By Josh Murison The sweet yet sour flavour alights upon your taste buds as you delightfully devour a delicious lemon sorbet. Looking out over the glistening water you notice the majestic mountain, distorted by a million ripples. Could it get any better? Wanaka is definitely the place for your summer adventure. It is a place to experience the untouched nature of our waterways, whether it is fishing off a boat or going for a refreshing swim. Make sure you get a chance to experience the gourmet cuisine and experience New Zealand’s hottest holiday destination.

Yet an idyllic resting place isn’t all Wanaka has to offer. Boom, boom went my thumping heart, trying to escape from my rib cage while I prepared myself for the fall. The protruding cliffs rising out of the Motatapu River provide the ideal place to cool off from the sun that grills Central Otago in January. The 20-minute drive from Wanaka (partly over gravel) is part of the excitement of venturing into “The Gorge”. This hidden gem, made from a stairwell of rock, is a gift from God to the adrenaline junkies who are brave enough to leap off rocks ranging from one to seven metres in height. Undiscovered by the crowds of tourists, it is the perfect swim spot to submerge yourself in clear, unspoiled water. It is ideal for those searching for a tranquil escape from their busy lives. A buzzing created by the bees attracted to the radiant flora, mixed with the woosh of the river, fills your ears reminding you that you are in a truly special place. The Motatapu Gorge is the best location in Wanaka, I would recommend it to anyone seeking an adventure or a relaxing time. And best of all, it's free! Completely different to hurling yourself towards the Motatapu River, is going for a fish in the peaceful waters near the town. Waterways around Wanaka have copious amounts of eager trout and salmon just waiting for a lure to snatch at. Both fishing from land and boats is exceptional in the lake and the rivers that flow in and out of it. My favourite is to stay dry on a boat and enjoy the warmth of the sun caressing my face. Charter boats starting from $75 per person are able to gracefully cruise up to the top of the remote Stevenson’s Island to land a salmon or my favorite, the rainbow trout. Looking at the scenery, waiting, waiting, waiting. Anticipation fills you while waiting for a fish to bite. Then the whine of the rod. It creates a thrill that is like no other feeling on earth. Next, you're battling to reel in the fish that will grow in

size with each retelling of your amazing expedition. Saliva will fill your mouth while watching the fish sandwiches, freshly smoked, being prepared for lunch. Breathtaking scenery, made up of the bush covered islands rising up from the aqua water, will surround you during the entire trip. A fishing trip is one for everyone to enjoy, although a soft blanket would be a quality companion on the water. Unlike the peacefulness of fishing, the bars along the waterfront come alive at night, begging you to enter. Wanaka’s lakefront is well known for the variety of food outlets and bars; this is a must when visiting Wanaka. Of particular note, in my opinion, is The Trout. Vibrant blue lighting creates an atmosphere of excitement which promises a memorable meal. The Trout also sports a bar, which is the perfect place to grab a drink and watch the sun set over the silhouette of Mount Aspiring. The murmur of the chatter over the spacious room further enhances the atmosphere, which will be enjoyed by both people wanting a hearty meal and friends just going out for a drink. For those wanting a quick meal, Boaboa burgers have an enticing smell that is sure to get the nostrils dancing with excitement. Be warned – these burgers are gigantic, so don't rush. I suggest you cross the road to the beach and enjoy one on the shores of Lake Wanaka. Despite Wanaka having some of the best natural activities, a highlight of the trip will be an evening trip along the lakefront to grab a bite to eat. Things to do? Yes. Rock jumping, swimming, fishing and eating, spending your January in Wanaka will be worth it! With all these activities awaiting you why not take a well earned break from your job and tick Wanaka off your bucket list. Whether it be the pulse raising adventure, the stress relieving town culture, or the simple purity of nature, Wanaka holds something for everyone to get into.

College Issue 34 2018


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