College – Issue 34

BOARDING Greater structure, just as much enjoyment

For College’s boarders, the House becomes their comfortable home away from home. Flower’s, Richards and School Houses each have their own special character, inspiring a strong sense of House pride and loyalty. The last 12 months, however, has seen a move toward a greater standardisation across all Houses relating to such practices as duties, leave, discipline, prep, the boarding programme and curriculum. Director of Boarding Darrell Thatcher says it is all about bringing the three boarding Houses into alignment without diluting the individual House cultures. The two new Housemasters – Ben Vink and Kevin Harris – have each brought a fresh perspective to their roles and the boarding experience. One of the areas where really effective change has occurred is prep, with all Year 9 boarders now working on their prep in the library from 6.30–8pm, Monday to Thursday. From 2019 this will include all Year 10s as well. “It’s a means of setting them up to work independently, and it allows there to be scope for discussions and teaching about such matters as time management,” says Darrell.

“The idea is to instil good habits in the boys in their junior years so that when the time comes they can independently go about their study as seniors. It is also about education in areas that will help develop them into young men who are making good choices.” The Boarding Programme, led by Deputy Housemaster Scott Franklin, is also being broadened to include skills-based activities and a service component. “Instead of activities just being for enjoyment and leisure at weekends, we expect that the boys might experience a broadened

offering – for example, perhaps learning to surf, or taking a dive course, or doing a barista course, or a motor vehicle course. It will depend on what interests them. And we’re planning to tap into and contribute to an existing community service project. In that way their activities can have value for both themselves and the wider community.” It’s about adding to the mix, and the enjoyment – and extending the opportunities for enrichment. Changes are also occurring in the leave system for boarders, with Richards House trialling the new

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