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There are three categories in the competition: House Choir, House a cappella and House instrumental (acoustic). Every House has to enter the House Choir event, and most also choose to enter other categories as well. The Carey Shield for the best House Choir was established in 1934, with the DJ Ellison Instrumental Cup, the Mr & Mrs CC Moore Choral Plate, and the House Choir Instrumental Backing Trophy being introduced in the mid 1990s and early 2000s. Before the earthquakes House Music was held in the Christchurch Town Hall, its excellent acoustics fully reflecting the boys’ musicianship. Following the earthquakes, Horncastle Arena was used as the venue, but for the last couple of years House Music has been staged at College. House Music also provides an opportunity to showcase the work of other College musicians. On the

first evening the Big Band, going from strength to strength under Claire Oliver’s direction, bookended the House performances, while on the second evening College’s rock bands, who work with tutor Nolan Hungerford, enjoyed time in the spotlight. House Music is about so much more than just House music, says Robert. “The Houses have to find the time, which is complicated in itself given there is so much else that boys are involved in. They really learn to be strategic about what they want to spend their time on, and in the process learn some great skills about time management.”

House Music 2018 Results The Carey Shield Condell’s House Choir Instrumental Backing Trophy Somes DJ Ellison Instrumental Cup Julius Mr & Mrs CC Moore Choral Plate Somes

“The leadership of students with strong musical skills – as the seniors work with their juniors to present a very polished performance –was very evident.” Robert Aburn

College Issue 34 2018


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