College – Issue 34

“It’s great to see people who don’t usually get involved in this type of thing, get stuck in, have fun, and find out they love it.” Harrison Voice

REACTION House Plays Awards 2017 House leadership: House Plays directors Raiyan Azlan (C) – The Least Offensive Play in the Whole Darn World Charlie Horncastle (Cf) – The Dog Sitters Ben Aitken (F) – Life’s a Bitch Jacob Banks (H) – October Offensive Hugo Beale (Ja) – Pandemonium Sam Mackay (J) – Screw Your Courage Finn Sziranyi (R) – The Accident Alistair King (Ro) – The Chair Luke Zydenbos (S) – Country Calendar: a tribute to John Clarke Hugh Marshall (So) – Kids in Kilts

Special technician award: for outstanding contribution and technical service for all Houses Brent Criglington (Ja) Henry Seaton (R) Actor’s award: for creation of a credible character, with impact Harry Hartstone (C) – The Least Offensive Play in the Whole Darn World Simon Brown (J) – Screw Your Courage Jack Drage (Ja) – Pandemonium Robert Rolleston (S) – Country Calendar: a tribute to John Clarke Runner up Best Actor award Tom Davidson (F) – Life’s a Bitch

of the timing. It was the one chance we would ever get to perform a 100- year memorial to the Old Boys who fought in that battle.” Their faith in his vision was rewarded when Jacob won the Best Director award. “It is hard to ask your friends to put their trust in you to direct a good play. It is harder still to ask them to let you direct your own play. But eventually they all warmed to it, and each put their own touch on it as we rehearsed. “ October Offensive is very much about relationships, and I relied heavily on the boys to create the atmosphere. The set was minimal; it was the actions and the ambient sounds that created the feeling. The boys took the play and made it their own and created a performance more spectacular than I could have hoped for.”

College Issue 34 2018


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