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MANifesto – College’s new educational initiative for boys in Years 12 and 13 – takes an unflinching look at the issues young men face, asks them to examine their relationships and actions, explores ideas of responsible masculinity, and aims to facilitate change.

its expression and I sense the boys themselves are ready for a different level of conversation about what it means to be a man. By growing emotional confidence in our young men, we can help them navigate the complexity of life in a more honest and constructive way. That is the message of MANifesto.” “We want our students to become healthy, strong, goodmen who enjoy who they are and have a strong sense

Executive Principal Garth Wynne believes MANifesto adds value to the College experience. “It’s relevant to the boys’ lives now and helps prepare them for what’s next. We want our students to become healthy, strong, good men, who enjoy who they are and have a strong sense of emotional confidence. The MANifesto initiative is another important step in presenting our boys with opportunities to develop positive attributes to enable them to flourish in life beyond school.” Devised as part of College’s health and wellbeing and character and leadership programmes, MANifesto will touch on topics and themes as varied as what it means to be a man in today’s world, character strengths, the potential and hazards of cyberspace, law and order, relationship issues, and the importance of good mental and physical health.

The Year 13 students who gathered in the OBT on Wednesday 7 March had no idea what to expect, but were curious about MANifesto. The first session began with a question: What is it to be a man? After an introduction from Garth, the boys watched actor Justin Boldoni’s acclaimed TED talk about redefining masculinity, emphasising MANifesto aims to create an environment in which participants can discuss and explore modern manhood. “It’s well worth it,” says Year 13 student Sam Howard. “It had a real impact, and has certainly given us plenty of things to think about.” MANifesto will be delivered by a multidisciplinary team, with teachers and visiting experts contributing to the discussion, and through a variety of media. It reflects the idea transformation is possible. “As educators, our role is not simply about academic achievement,” says Garth. “There are a lot of confusing messages about masculinity and

of emotional confidence.” Garth Wynne MANifesto

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