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CHAPEL Suggestion box proves popular in Chapel

There is a little wooden box that sits in the foyer of the Chapel and every week it is brought up, placed on the altar, a brief prayer is prayed for the thoughts, prayers and intentions placed in it, and later its contents are emptied and destroyed.

College Chaplain Rev. Bosco Peters calls it “God’s suggestion box.”

He introduced it in Term 4 2017.

“It gathers quite a response every week,” he says. “The boys can put a note in it for a prayer, or simply write what’s on their mind, and know that it is totally private.” He is not surprised by the response, but says it is not an alternative to talking to a trusted adult, but it is simply another way of demonstrating mindfulness. Some boys might want to drop by the Chapel for a few moments of quiet reflection, and just take a little while to have a quiet moment. “The box is another one of those opportunities. It fits with our virtues and our focus on mindfulness.” Bosco teaches Religious Education at College through which ethical frameworks are provided to help boys make decisions in an increasingly complex world. The Centre for Ethics & Spirituality builds on this and offers

opportunities for students, parents, staff and the wider community to think about and discuss a range of interesting ideas. The Centre has covered a wide range of topics since its inception. In Term 1, Director of Finance and Operations Steve Kelsen spoke about working as a volunteer and supervisor of archaeological excavations at Tel Rehov and Tel

Zeitah in Israel, and discussed what archaeology can tell us about the Bible. Steve shared some fascinating insights into the rich history of Israel and the Middle East. Coming up on 14 June Daniel McKay, a scholar from the University of Canterbury, discuss “How Good is Good Enough?”

College Issue 34 2018


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