College – Issue 34

HERITAGE Reginald Broughton: College’s second Headmaster

Reginald Broughton’s time as Headmaster of Christ’s College is the shortest to date: July 1863 to December 1864. When you look into his background, there are more stories to tell.

The clues begin with a small painting of pansies and the information that is on the reverse: “Painted by Mary Elizabeth Broughton in 1746. Mary Elizabeth was the (several times) great aunt of the Rev R Broughton one of the first headmaster’s [sic] of Christ’s College. The picture hung in his study for years. Mary Elizabeth’s neice [sic] (several times more) gives it to you with loving wishes for your happiness. Anakiwa 1947.” i Typing Anakiwa and Broughton into Google began the exploration. It produced two pieces of information. There was a Broughton Bay in Keneperu Sound and there was a photograph of the Beauchamp family. The mother of the family was Harriet (nee Broughton). A light went on; Broughton + Beauchamp = Katherine Mansfield – surely not? However, back to Broughton Bay. It soon became apparent that the bay was named after Bryan Sneyd Herbert Broughton. He drowned on 21 April 1862 while returning to his home, wife and baby daughter, in the West Arm of Queen Charlotte Sound after playing a game of cricket in Picton. He was in a small boat and the weather was squally. ii So, no sooner had Reginald Broughton arrived in New Zealand

Painted by Mary Elizabeth Broughton, 1746. Christ’s College Archives.

Christ’s College Canterbury


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