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On 19 May 1864 at the Church of St Michael and All Angels, Broughton married Ellen Webber, the third daughter of the late Robert Webber, of Ford House, near Exeter, Devon. And who should turn up as one of the witnesses? None other than another brother Clement John Edmund Broughton, a sheep farmer of Anakiwa. The officiating minister was the Bishop and Warden of the College, Henry John Chitty Harper. xvi Broughton resigned in December 1864. His last board meeting was 29 December, when the fellows and warden began to discuss his successor. At prize-giving College gave him a copy of Wordsworth’s Greece xvii and he and Ellen returned to England as cabin passengers on the Blue Jacket , leaving on 20 January 1865. xviii He was ordained deacon in 1867 and priest in 1868. What followed was a mixed academic and pastoral career including lecturing at Oxford University while curate of

St Clement; vicar of Long Benton, Northumberland; second master of Royal Grammar School, Newcastle on Tyne; lecturer at Hertford College; and rector of Mottistone with Shorwell on the Isle of Wight. xix In time, following their return to England, a plaque was erected in Holy Trinity, Washington, County Durham by Reginald and Clement Broughton and Mary Ann Briggs. It commemorated Bryan Sneyd Herbert and Thomas Henry Broughton where their father Bryan Sneyd Broughton had been incumbent. xx Now, to turn to the tantalising Broughton–Beauchamp connection. Julie Kennedy’s book Katherine Mansfield in Picton with its very useful family tree provided the answer. xxi Arthur Beauchamp was the grandfather of Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp (Katherine Mansfield) and brother of Cradock Beauchamp. Cradock married the

Miss Broughton (Harriet Augusta) who arrived in New Zealand with Reginald Broughton on the Ravenscraig . She appears to have run a dame school in Picton that Harold Beauchamp (Katherine Mansfield’s father) attended. This couple also married at St Michael and All Angels on 19 May 1864. The officiating minister was none other than Henry Jacobs. xxii It was to visit this Beauchamp– Broughton family at Anakiwa that the Beauchamp family regularly crossed Cook Strait. Katherine Mansfield drew on these memories to write The Voyage in 1921. xxiii There are other questions which this research has not yet answered. Why were three brothers, a sister and an aunt in New Zealand in the 1860s? Was it ribbon migration that drew them here? Are there more connections to be made? The search will continue.

the College. In 1864 on her return to England Mary Jane Briggs went on to open a preparatory school for boys in Vallombrosa, although she had already founded it fifteen years earlier in the Lansdown area of Cheltenham. See Penfold, M. 2018. Education in Pittville; Preparatory Schools in Pittville Circus Road xi see New Zealand Maritime Museum https: hms-orpheus New Zealander February 9 1863; Daily Southern Cross February 9 1863 xii Press July 11 1863 xv Jacobs, H 1950 Historical Notes in The School List of Christ’s College from 1850-1950 (6th ed) Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd writes that this decrease in numbers was due to an outbreak of typhoid fever. There is no reference to this closure in the Board Minutes. The Lyttelton Times and the Press of April and May 1863 contain considerable correspondence about the causes of and the type of fever. xvi Lyttelton Times May 21 1864; see also Christchurch–St Michael, Marriage Register May 19 1864 Number 278 Christchurch Anglican Diocesan Archives PARO21 xvii Wordsworth, Christopher. Greece; Pictorial, Descriptive and Historical . [various publication dates] xviii Press December 15 1864; Lyttelton Times February 11 1865 xix The Clergy database xx Stowell, J. 2015 Holy Trinity Church Washington Village www. Stowell.html xxi Kennedy, J. 2000 Katherine Mansfield in Picton Cape Cately Ltd Auckland xxii Lyttelton Times May 21 1864; see also Christchurch–St Michael, Marriage Register May 19 1864 Number 279 Christchurch Anglican Diocesan Archives PARO21 xxiii see xiii Press August 15 1863 xiv Press December 4 1863

i The background to the arrival of this painting in the College Archives is not known. There is no information in the Accession book that was kept prior to the arrival of the present archivist. ii Bryan Sneyd Herbert Broughton of Onahua Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound married Maria Theresa Downes, the daughter of TW Downes JP Picton on January 15 1861 Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle February 9 1861; appointed Lieutenant in the Picton Rangers Colonist April 23 1861; Birth of daughter on January 9 1862 Colonist January 21 1862; appointed Justice of the Peace Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle April 4 1862; drowning Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle April 30 1862 and May 10 1862 and May 12 1862 iii Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle March 26 1862 iv see Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle December 12 1861 and Colonist March 23 1862; Adverisement for Nelson College The Colonist April 4 1862; Report of Governors of Nelson College Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle July 12 1862. See also Nelson College http://; Fletcher, G. 2018 pers comm. Nelson College Old Boys’ Association v Pencillings by the Way Hawkes Bay Herald 6 May 1862. vi Hobhouse, E. nd in Prospectus of Nelson College . Nelson. C Elliott Printer. p1. Nelson College Archives. vii Dobson, W 1861 in Prospectus of Nelson College . Nelson. C Elliott Printer p3. Nelson College Archives viii Bradley, G G nd in Prospectus of Nelson College . Nelson. C Elliott Printer p6. Nelson College Archives. ix Annie Smith subsequently became the second wife of Harry Atkinson. See Maria Atkinson to Emily [Atkinson] 28 May [1866] p 243 in Porter, F and C Macdonald (eds) 1996 My Hand Will Write What My Heart Dictates Auckland University Press and Bridget Williams Books x Mary Richmond to CW Richmond in Schofield, G. (ed) 1961 The Richmond-Atkinson Papers . Wellington. RE Owen Government Printer Vol II p21. Exactly what this refers to is unclear. Possibly she was not allowed to live on site, or alternatively she wished to be involved in the teaching at

Christ’s College Canterbury


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