Jon Carson Consulting May 2019

May 2019

Happy Mother’s Day

The 2 Most Important Women in My Life

My wife and my mom — on Mother’s Day, I believe it is important I honor these two women. They are the most influential duo in my life.

My mom, Gretchen Tester, is the guru of customer service. However, I had no idea growing up that she would be my inspiration for coaching customer care. It just happened. I’m often asked, “How do you think up the little things that mean a lot?” or “How are you the Dr. Phil of customer service, Dave?” In past newsletters, I have shared that my mom always found a way to make people feel special. Her motto is: “It’s not what you say to people, but how you make them feel.” Whether it is Buffalo wings for my sister on her birthday or a special gift for her next-door neighbor after a long trip, my mom has a God-given ability to treat people how they want to be treated. My mom has other great qualities, but I choose to emulate her by remembering to do small things that can have a lasting effect on others.

it’s being overly sensitive to an email, eating right, or dealing with our kids — and yes, clients — Claudia has my ear even if I’m pretending not to hear her. The most important thing she has taught our kids and me is this: You will never go wrong doing the right thing. Wow. How come these women are so wise? Thank you, Lord and Savior! All the glory goes to God for Claudia and Gretchen! I leave you with this. I did a training one year on Mother’s Day. I interviewed then Georgia football coach Mark Richt, who made an appearance in the movie “Facing the Giants.” I asked Mark, “What is the most important thing to teach our kids or show our kids on Mother’s Day?” He said, “David, show your kids how to love their mom.” Wow. My advice for this month of Mother’s Day? Love your mom and love your wife. Show your kids how to honor the women in your life. I know my daughter Clare will be reading this. And I pray she one day marries a man who loves and honors her as well. -Dave Tester

Here are a few examples:

Writing thank-you cards

Saying please and thank you

Opening the doors for others

Having the heart of a servant

Claudia, my wife, has the gift of bringing out the best in others. Why is she so effective at this? Because she listens intently and always sees the good in people. I wish I could tell you that she has convinced me to do the same, but I am a flawed man and still have much work to do in this area. She has, however, been a guiding light for me by being able to tell me things I sometimes don’t want to hear. I believe that God puts these women in our lives to tell us the things we don’t want to hear but that we must hear. Let’s face it; they are the only ones who can tell us these kinds of things. Whether


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