Commitment for auction


SCHEDULE B, PART I Requirements

All of the following Requirements must be met:

1. The Proposed Insured must notify the Company in writing of the name of any party not referred to in this Commitment who will obtain an interest in the Land or who will make a loan on the Land. The Company may then make additional Requirements or Exceptions.


Pay the agreed amount for the estate or interest to be insured.


Pay the premiums, fees, and charges for the Policy to the Company.

4. Documents satisfactory to the Company that convey the Title or create the Mortgage to be insured, or both, must be properly authorized, executed, delivered, and recorded in the Public Records.

a. Warranty Deed from Blue Creek Pork LLC, an Illinois manager-managed limited liability company, organized on May 1, 2023 to Purchaser with contractual rights under a purchase agreement with vested owner identified at Item 4 below. 5. Notice: Please be aware that due to the conflict between federal and state laws concerning the cultivation, distribution, manufacture or sale of marijuana, the Company is not able to close or insure any transaction involving Land that is associated with these activities. 6. The "Good Funds" section of the Title Insurance Act (215 ILCS 155/26) is effective January 1, 2010. This Act places limitations upon our ability to accept certain types of deposits into escrow. Please contact your local Title office regarding the application of this new law to your transaction. 7. Effective June 1, 2009, pursuant to Public Act 95-988, satisfactory evidence of identification must be presented for the notarization of any and all documents notarized by an Illinois notary public. Satisfactory identification documents are documents that are valid at the time of the notarial act; are issued by a state or federal government agency; bear the photographic image of the individual's face; and bear the individual's signature. 8. The Proposed Policy Amount(s) must be increased to the full value of the estate or interest being insured, and any additional premium must be paid at that time. An Owner's policy should reflect the purchase price or full value of the Land. A Loan Policy should reflect the loan amount or value of the property as collateral. Proposed Policy Amount(s) will be revised and premiums charged consistent therewith when the final amounts are approved. 9. In order for the Company to insure the Manure Easement described on Schedule A as Tract 4, documents creating such easement, satisfactory to the Company, must be recorded. The Company reserves the right to add additional exceptions or requirements to this commitment upon examination of the easement documents.

This page is only a part of a 2016 ALTA® Commitment for Title Insurance issued by Chicago Title Insurance Company. This Commitment is not valid without the Notice; the Commitment to Issue Policy; the Commitment Conditions; Schedule A; Schedule B, Part 1—Requirements: and Schedule B. Part II—Exceptions; and a counter-signature by the Company or its issuing agent that may be in electronic form.

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